Fujifilm X-T2 in Black and White

Since the X-T2 has been released, there have been a ton of reviews on it already. If you are still not convinced, read on for my take on it. This is a very hands-on and black-and-white look at the Fujifilm X-T2.

The X-T2 is a brilliant little camera, with a good heart. If you already have an X-Pro2, stop reading and just enjoy the photos.

Disclaimer: The camera I used was a pre-production model and some of what I say and show here might not reflect the final product.

The size of the camera is slightly bigger than the X-T1 all around. I only really managed to see the size difference once I had the two side-by-side. In my hand it felt very familiar.

X-T1 vs X-T2

The tilt screen has a new angle to it. It now tilts to the right, which wasn't something I found a use for. A friend suggested it might be handy when shooting over-head or ground-level shots in portrait.

The dials are bigger and will work better with your hands in gloves. They felt a lot easier to switch and turn and use.

The ISO and Shutter dials now have a toggle to lock the dial from moving. I did at first bump them, but once I remembered to lock them, it was all good from there. You can leave it unlocked and don't have to hold the lock down to move the dial, which I'm really happy with.

Threaded Shutter Button
ISO 12800 is now native

Wifi button is now a Fn button can be either Wifi, or whatever you wish to define it as.

Movie mode has been moved to the drive dial, and now the shutter button will stop and start the video.

The eyecup is bigger and I found it better, especially with my glasses.

Due to the increase in size of the body and new design of the thumb grip, I did find that access to the AF-L button was better.

Only noticed the difference when I went back to the X-T1, but the EVF is a bit bigger.

Grip area was originally covered with rubber and has now been replaced with a plastic-like covering (not sure what exactly it is made of) that should not wear as badly as the rubber.

I found the new menu system a lot friendlier to use and easier in finding things. There seems to be better structure to it.

Focus Assist has been removed and the Q-button is now where it used to be.

Autofocus can now be moved with a joystick (I love this!). This allow one to set the D-Pad to a list of other functions.

I took the camera with me to a small family event and got to test it with my very active niece.

It was this beautiful girl's second birthday.
Capturing the moment is key.
The room was dim with a lot backlighting. The AF did not fail on me.

I took the camera with me for a walk through the streets of Johannesburg and found that the camera felt good in the hand, but a little bigger and not as discreet as the X100T, which is my usual walk-around camera.

All The Light That You Can See
ACROS - Straight out of camera
Tilt screen was handy here, over the side of the building.

Later in the month we happened to head off to a gorgeous mountain range in South Africa called the Drakensberg (translates to the Dragon's Mountain). The weather was all over the place, but the camera worked 100% in -2 degrees (Celcius) and a bit of rain and mist.

Auto Focus speed on the 35mm 1.4 did have a small improvement.

Loving this joystick to set the focus points, really struggled not having it when I went back to the X-T1.

We're all waiting to see if this is the one auto focus to rule them all. I definitely will not have the final say in the matter, but in the time I had with it in various locations, lighting situations and types of photography I had no issues that come to mind.

In fact, if I think about it, while shooting I didn't need to think about the auto focus once.
A view to remember
Image quality speaks for itself
The other impressive thing was the overall speed of the camera. From taking the image, to reviewing, to going though the menus, it was fast and smooth.

In closing, I believe this camera will really make a lot of people happy. It has most of the updates we've been waiting and asking for. This review may not give you all the answers to your questions, or extensively covered the AF capabilities with fast moving objects. This is just an overview of my experience with my time with it and observations I made while playing around with it.

But I have a feeling this little camera may start finding itself in new, uncharted places like sports and wildlife.

The End
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