Surfs Up! LIve life, enjoy life, love life and surf!

Welcome to Surfs Up! Our community is here to ensure that your stay is one of joy and to feel love from family and friends!

Citizenship of our community

This community is a place where you can visit for vacations. Most people don't live here year round. Those who come to our community must come with families. This community is based on the family and the enjoyment of spending time with each other. To come to this community you must sign a paper pledging that you will respect and follow the rules outlined. If you go against any of the rules of this community there will be serious consequences.

Rules of our community

  • No drinking or doing drugs in this community
  • No single people; family community
  • No surfing after 9:30
  • No swearing
  • No bulling other kids
  • No loud music after 9:00
  • No murder of any kind
  • No stealing
  • No killing of fish with out license
  • Treat everyone equal


Surfs up is on the islands of Fiji. This location is perfect for our community because its beautiful, relaxing, green, and the ocean is remarkable! This location is the perfect place where residents can enjoy surfing in paradise!

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule of someone living in Surfs Up is pretty low key! People get to choose what they want to do! Most people though, come to enjoy the beautiful ocean. This means there's usually lessons on the water during the week for all people in this community. Every Saturday there is a water competition. Every one participates ages from 8 to 80! Those who do take lessons usually have them about 5 times a week!


The government here is democracy. This government is run by the people, they vote on leadership. There will be a governor who gets voted for. The governor is the main leader over this community. He does have other government leaders who work along side him. This is our government because we believe in letting the citizens have a say in their opinion.

Want to come to Surfs Up!?

Come to Surfs Up to have an experience you will never forget. Here in Fiji the fun never ends, its everlasting! This community stands our, there is, surfing, crafts, wake boarding, river rafting, walks along the beach, there is activities for everyone! There is only one place where you and your family could enjoy all these things, Fiji, this is where Paradise is!

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