Jackson Country Central Construction Updates

Kraus-Anderson (KA) will begin construction on two projects for Jackson County Central Schools. Designed by JLG Architects, the $26 million project includes the new 84,000-square-foot Pleasantview Middle School, which features new classrooms, Career and Tech education learning spaces and science classrooms. The new school also adds a new gymnasium, band and choir areas, kitchen and commons area. Interior renovations to Pleasantview Elementary School, located adjacent to the middle school, include air quality upgrades, as well as improvements meeting Americans with Disabilities Act requirements at all district buildings.

Floor Plan

Area a

Work in Progress

  • Managing SWPPP

Work Upcoming Next Month

  • Dig footings
  • Pour footings
  • Form and pour foundation walls
  • Bearing CMU walls

Area b

Work in Progress

  • Managing SWPPP
  • Set up pumps for dewatering
  • Excavate for footings
  • Rebar forms foundation pans and ties
  • Form footings and tie rebar pads (Pictured)
  • Form and pour foundation walls
  • Install drain tile at elevator pit and backfill
  • Waterproof and set rebar for elevator footings
  • Pour elevator pit walls

Work Upcoming Next Month

  • Continue to dig footings
  • Pour footings and foundation walls
  • Joist and deck delivery
  • Install gym precast walls

Area c

Work in Progress

  • Managing SWPPP
  • Backfill

Area D and e

Work Started

  • School staff to remove school items into storage containers

Work in Progress

  • Cleaning out classrooms for the demo
  • Abatement work

Work Upcoming Next Month

  • Abatement
  • Test existing kitchen equipment for removal and reinstallation
  • Selective demo
  • Mechanical and electrical demo
  • Remove gym equipment
  • Demo north vestibule
  • Demo and removal of the fuel tank

Riverside Elementary School

Work Started

  • Mobilization of jobsite trailer
  • School staff to remove school items into storage containers
  • Demo has started in the Boiler Room

Work Upcoming Next Month

  • Install floor protection
  • Start the demo
  • VCT abatement and carpet removal
  • Complete boiler room demo
  • Install a new sprinkler system


  • Construction Days Lost to Weather This Month: 1
  • Total Construction Days Lost to Weather: 3


  • Lost Time Days: 0


Shane Butler, Senior Project Manager | shane.butler@krausanderson.com

Anthony Leon, Project Manager | anthony.leon@krausanderson.com

Mindy Cruz, Project Coordinator | mindy.cruz@krausanderson.com

Matt Lundberg, Project Superintendent | matt.lundberg@krausanderson.com

JLG Architects

Catherine Dekkenga, Architect | cdekkenga@jlgarchitects.com