Otzi, The Ice Man How he died

Who is Otzi, the Iceman?

Otzi is a mummy. He is the best preserved mummy to date with all of his bones still intact. He lived 5 300 years ago. He even lived before the Egyptians! His body was found by hikers in the mountains on the Italian and Austrian border, half submerged in a pool of ice. He was found on September 19, 1991.

This is where Otzi was found.
The reason that Otzi died has always been a mystery, but some scientists have come up with theories as to how he died.

The theory that I think is most realistic and accurate is the theory that he was in a fight in the valley, then climbed up the mountain to flee the attacker. As he was nearing the top, he was shot with an arrow by his attacker and bled to death. He then froze over in the ice and sat there for 5,300 years. He was preserved so well because he was dehydrated, so his body couldn't decompose. Also the ice preserved his bones for decomposing. Scientists believe this because he had a shattered shoulder blade and the hole passed by multiple arteries, so scientists think that it punctured some arteries and he bled to death on the mountain.

The discovery of Otzi.

"Why?" You might ask. "Why did you pick this theory?" Well, to me it felt the most realistic. I thought to myself, "How would scientists know that he was sacrificed?" From my research, there was no evidence that he was "sacrificed." I also don't think you could know that he was killed by his own people. So when I thought about those points, I came to the conclusion that the theory stating that he fled an attacker, and was shot and bled to death is the most accurate in my perspective. Also with the research I did independently, I read mostly that theory on my sources.

How the hikers found the body.
Otzi in the museum.
Otzi's ax which was made for 99.7% copper.
Otzi's tattoos, which were located all around his body.
Many scientists examined the body of Otzi. These scientists are from Italy!

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