Polyagons By:Anastasia LehmAn

Scan the qr code. The code will take you to Quizlet. To a list of polygons. If it just takes you to Quizlet then scroll over 2 slides and press search Quizlet, then type Geometry- polygons (3-20).

A polygon has three or more sides. It's a closed figure. Two dementional. Is this a polygon?
A three sided polygon is called a triangle, a four sided polygon Is called quadrilateral, a five sided polygon is called a pentagon, a six sided polygon is called hexagon, a seven sided polygon is called a heptagon, an eight sided polygon is called an octagon, a nine sided polygon is a nonagon, and a ten sided shape is a decagon.
Even odd shapes that are closed, 2D, and has three or more sides is a polygon!
What is this face called and is it a polygon?
These stars are polygons what are they called?
All of these quadrilateral are stuck to geather, so they are called a ____________.
This stop sign is a octogon how can you tell?
What polygon is this?
How can we figure out this shape?
Are all these polygons? Let's identify these shapes.
What is this called?
Now that we learned about polygons. What do we know about them?


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