Motte and bailey castles Demi-lea presdee

William the conqueror stricktly told his men to build castles because the normans was going to invade England.7000 troops from normandy invaded england and they brought three ready made towers but lots more was being built already to protect Norman troops and show who's boss


Many years ago motte and bailey castles were made of wood and then were replaced with stone so that the attckers can't break through the walls and blow it up.On top of the castle is a keep to keep a look out for any attackers trying to attack.The motte is used so that it is hard for any people trying to climb up.The moat is around the castle which is full of water.


Motte and bailey castles have lots of defensive features.The gatehouse is something that guards use to protect the castle.The palisade is around the bailey which is a small village. The crenellations are on the top of the castle to protect the knights. On the castle is arrow loops arrow loops are holes in the walls so that they can shoot ar the attackers easy without them seeing.The moat is used so that enimes can't get in and attack.The murder holes are for pouring poison in and it spills on the attackers.

Everyday life

Life in a castle was really busy there were so many jobs such as the steward, servants,men at arms and most important is the lord.the lord watched over all formal parts of daily life such as managing his castle and lands, and sitting in court.and also helped the steward run the castle.there was also lots of entertainment like jesters The sters, there was chess,tennis,dancing and lots of other things he steward goes hunting everyday in the woods for rabbits,hares and deers and then he has a feast in the great hall with guests,.squires (apprentice knights) were young boys from rich families.they served the knights, and some became knights themselves when they were older.


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