Exploring Technology Christina Andruss

This year in Technology we have so far done the impossible puzzle, a windmill project, and three sketch ups, and we have done a hands on project where we built towers with wood. The impossible puzzle was also a hands on project where we followed instructions to draw a boat.

The projects we have done (by name) are the Impossible Puzzles, Measuring, Sketch up Kitchens, Sketch up house tutorial, Wind Turbine, Engineering Go For It, Billions in Change Video.

For the impossible puzzle it was different pieces of paper we had to try and connect to make shapes. It wasn't very easy and it took more than half an hour to complete.

The measuring challenge was when we had to follow directions in order to make a boat out of lines. The lines were in different numbers so we had to convert the numbers so that it wouldn't get messed up. I forgot to convert the numbers so mine turned out a little off.

Sketch up color the kitchen was mainly an assignment to get us used to using the application sketch up. It was mainly the beginning of many different projects using sketch up.

The wind turbines were difficult to interpret because there was lots of math to keep track of. We had 3 sets of experiments to do and it took not as much time as it was supposed to. We found out how distance effects velocity.

Engineering Go for it was a video. It showed different engineers and their jobs. We learned about his job and how engineering is important to people and to the world around us. It ended up being very informative.

The billions in change video was about how one mans engineering skills have helped many people. We learned about elevators and the one he has made. He is one person who has change the game in engineering which goes to show that anyone and everyone can make a difference.

Summarzing Technology

We have done a multitude of different things and technology. They are all to make us more educated in how engineers are changing the world one person at a time. There are people around the world who could be in a factory right now building the next invention to shake the technological world. Without these new inventions and innovative ideas/people then the world would stop evolving into something better than what it is.


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