DPI-SIG Contest Summer/Fall 2021

Contest Results

Very honored to have received four Blue Ribbons in the recent Naples DPI-SIG photo club competition. Congratulations to the other winners as well. The club has some of the best photographers in the State of Florida. Here is a short story about each of the photos.


One of my favorite places to photograph, especially in the summer, is the Naples Botanical Garden. In the summer, the waterlilies and lotus are in full bloom. The Garden has quite the collection of hybrids and they make for bright colorful images. In this case, I chose to convert the image to a black and white photograph to accentuate the structure and texture of the water lily.

Canon R5 Canon RF 100-500 @ 300mm 1/500 @ f10 iso 800

Cool Beans Sunset

As part of my 70th birthday celebration, we chartered the Cool Beans catamaran cruise out of Isles of Capri, Florida for an evening sunset cruise. After a rainy start to our outing, we had an amazing sunset as the storm died off over the Gulf. A great time was had by all and thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Canon R5 RF 24-105 @ 24mm f18 @ 1/320 iso 400

The birthday crew

Tidal Pool Reflection

Marco Island has many great sunsets throughout the year, but summertime is special. Rainy season means thunderstorms that often form on the sea breeze just inland and as the sun sets and the sea breeze diminishes, the storms move out to the Gulf and die off. This creates many great opportunities for spectacular sunsets. This particular night, coincided with the super moon and a super low tide at Resident's Beach, resulting in a truly golden hour sunset.

Canon RP Canon RF 24-105 lens @ 39 mm F7.1 @ 1/100 iso 200


Calvin In Motion

The final blue ribbon winner was taken at Fort DeSoto County Park on the North Beach near St. Petersburg, Florida. My daughter and I were photographing flying birds as training for her trip to Africa on safari. As luck would have it, this young man was practicing his kite surfing which proved very difficult to shoot as he was moving quite fast and did not always telegraph his jumps. This image is a composite of 17 images taken in a burst for one jump. The final image shown here is the result of combining each of those images through masking in PhotoShop into one image in sort of a panorama as he moved across the shallow inlet.

Canon 7D Mkii Sigma 150=600 @200mm 1/600 @f7.1 iso200


Jim Robellard