Make George Washington our next president! The cabinet he chose will help this nation in many ways. They will make changes but they will be good changes. Hamilton will work us out of debt. His idea of a national bank is great. It will help the poor farmers and help this nation out of debt. Jefferson will help us trade and get the resources we need to build and expand. He will make treaties so we wont have to fight

George Washington ==>

He defended us when we needed help. Let him do it again, but as our president. George will take good care of this country. So will Hamilton, Jefferson, and the rest of his cabinet.Without the elastic clause we would have to follow the same rules every time and when those laws and rules get outdated we would use the elastic clause. The elastic clause allows the government to add or create certain things when it is necessary or proper.


The national bank and elastic clause will do great things to this country. We will get out of debt and we will be able to change things that will benefit everyone with the elastic clause. This country needs this. It will benefit you in lots of ways. For example, the elastic clause will allow the government to change it so poor people can gain more money or something that is very proper or necessary.

He will make this country great

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