How to make even bigger profits With TradeRobo A case study By Victor Tomov, Managing Director of Findilao Ltd

Dear aspiring investor,

Thank you for your interest in my personal case study on how to potentially make even bigger profits investing in financial markets with TradeRobo EA!

Have in mind, that what I did is based on my knowledge and experience applied in realistic laboratory conditions. You may be able to outperform this result in different circumstances or vice versa.

Nothing in this presented case study forces you or advises you to apply exactly the same techniques.

Scroll down to find out how I achieve sustainable profitability with TradeRobo.

A Case Study of Success with TradeRobo

My journey with TradeRobo EA started in April 2018 at an initial balance of €10,000 on a special laboratory trading account with an EU-regulated investment firm.

Day after day, week after week, in periods of moderate price fluctuations within a short-term momentum for which TradeRobo's algorithm is designed, the robot was opening and closing numerous profitable trade series.

Profitable trade series in the period April-June 2018

In just a couple of months, my account balance grew by more than €1200 (12% ROI)!

TradeRobo EA Daily Performance April-June 2018

Once you achieve such a result, you could immediately withdraw to your bank account this profit and start planning the next holiday with your family or friends. Of course, you could also save the money to cover the service fees for a year ahead. Or simply keep them in to grow your investment or as a safety buffer. It's up to you.

I got quite relaxed in the next several months during which the system navigated through quite turbulent market conditions limiting the risks and losses as much as possible. I didn't do anything, just watched the bumpy road passively...

Period of downward performance of TradeRobo

I knew from personal experience, after all, I was already for many years in the financial industry, that there are ups and downs in speculative investment. Truth is - we cannot avoid falls. Never risk investing real money if you are not ready to accept this fact!

However, much more important is how we are capable of rising again to reach new all-time high levels of our account equity. It's easy to surrender, but the champions know that only if they keep going they can achieve their goals. Patience and determination are essential, you know.

After that period of flat and downward performance, I decided to step in and give TradeRobo a supportive push applying techniques I had tested before. I wanted to get things back in the positive side as fast as possible.

Therefore, I decided to spend some extra time exploring different options to see if I could find a way to handle the unexpected market situations being profitable with the robot in every market phase.

There are moments when the standard logic of TradeRobo could lead to an accumulated floating loss on specific currency pairs. Other pairs can be in profit at the same time, and this is OK thanks to the extensive portfolio diversification.

The robot is programmed to identify trading signals according to the short-term price fluctuations in a selected market. In phases of strong panic-like price movements, TradeRobo may set tighter Stop Loss levels for a trade series to limit the risk and prevent your account from more significant drawdowns. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, we humans are sometimes counterintuitive taking actions a robot would never do. It is only in critical circumstances when I switch from auto to manual trading.

It was November 2018 when I did my first significant intervention of the robot's settings activating the overnight profit targets which allowed it to close winning positions after 21:00 GMT.

Activating Overnight Profit Targets on TradeRobo EA

The positive results came up quickly with some trades ending in profit that would have been missed otherwise.

Trade series closed at a profit by TradeRobo EA overnight

There were periods where I used the conservative risk option starting a grid series at 0.01 lot size recommended by default to a 10K initial account balance. However, for most of the time, I have been using more aggressive approach doubling the starting order size to 0.02 lots to earn more money faster.

Order size selection on TradeRobo EA

Of course, I follow strictly the instructions in the Installation guide also doubling the maximum drawdown allowance.

Adjusting maximum drawdown on TradeRobo EA

It comes with a higher risk, but that's not the full story.

Whenever I notice that a trades series is accumulating a large floating loss because of strong price movements in the opposite direction of the opened positions, I pause the robot on that particular "losing" currency pair. Of course, first I make sure that my account is way above the margin call thresholds. I also manually remove the Stop Loss levels to avoid ending with negative results. These interventions give the robot the possibility to breathe even if this is against its predefined logic and so far everything works exceptionally well.

And I start waiting for an expected price reversal after the market calms down and returns to its average levels where TradeRobo reaches its profit targets.

I closely monitor the pair and when I notice a strong sign for reversal of the price to the favourable direction, I may place the next trade at the relevant higher grid step. While the market is returning to its normal levels reverting within a long-term wave, I am earning hefty profits from that single manually placed order offsetting completely the losses from the previous trades in the series. It take sometimes days or weeks for this to happen but being able to end the series in a total profit instead of a loss is a reward for the patience.

Realised profit after an anticipated price reversal

Then, I enable again TradeRobo on the "recovered" currency pair and let it do the rest, precisely defining the next market entry levels for the new trade series.

Please remember that holding a losing position for long is not a generally recommended practice and may be considered if your account balance could sustain it. In my case, I do it cautiously.

Another indicator I watch for is the swaps.

When a trade series generates a positive swap rate, I closely monitor it, and if it gets closer to the Stop Loss levels, I pause the robot and remove them. Then, I wait for a price reversal (earning from swaps every day) until TradeRobo reaches the desired Take Profit level completely offsetting the temporary floating losses. Once all is good again, I reactivate the robot on the pair where I stopped it, and all goes as usual in a fully automated trading mode.

A profitable positive swap trade series

In some situations, I even open an extra trade at higher grid step when I expect that the price is going to reverse soon. Of course, it may take quite a while, and I still need to do some market research to make things happen, but it's well worth it. I always check my account equity and margin levels first, though.

Applying an extra grid step of 0.32 lots to offset a long-held losing position

A powerful measure I also apply is the hedging by opening an opposite position larger than the total size of the series in question. However, according to your country, you may not be allowed by your broker to hedge. So have this in mind and always check your national regulations. I also look at the daily chart time-frame on an instrument and if I identify that the price has reached a long term bottom while the robot opened a short position or vice versa, I open a larger trade in the opposite direction to quickly make a good profit closing the losing trade or trying to shift the direction of opening of new trade series by the robot.

Hedging to offset an accumulated loss and end up in profit from a trade series

I also manually close positions opened by the robot if I was happy with the current results not waiting for them to reach their profit targets. This way, I avoid any possible quick reversals. Considering the short-term price cycles, I was able to close several times in a row newly opened trades in one instrument. When I close an opened trade and then the price reverts shortly, TradeRobo again opens it at similar level. Then I close the trade and repeat this procedure several times accumulating a good profit out of several iterations. When I see then that there is a strong sign for a push in the right direction, as expected by the robot, I leave it to reach its profit target naturally.

Iterations of manually closed trades accumulating quick profits

I use this technique to quickly offset a floating loss or if I believe that the robot opened a position following a misleading trading signal.

Whenever I find it reasonable, I do not hesitate to question the robot's logic and intervene to influence it exploiting every situation to the maximum extent for greater profitability.


My study has proven that the robot is capable of identifying profitable trading opportunities. In about 80% of the time when the prices move in their normal short-term waves, the robot acts precisely relieving me from the daunting task of constant research and analysis for finding market entry points.

In normal market conditions, where we see moderate price fluctuations, I enjoy great performance with the growth of my lab account equity without any effort.

On the other hand, to mitigate the risks in rare but possible market scenarios of extreme price fluctuations, I always keep an eye on the robot for any unexpected situations and intervene to overcome any difficult period. This way, I am able to make even more money with TradeRobo from every market phase.

Manual interventions are needed quite rarely. In my case study, which is still active, I am intervening a few times not spending more than 1 hour in total per month. That’s nothing, compared to full- or even part-time trading where you spend hours in front of the screen each day achieving similar or even worse results!

At the end of the day, the goal is to achieve sustainable profitability! TradeRobo is just a powerful tool that helps you do that.

If you like to keep it simple using the default recommended settings of TradeRobo EA, it will work perfectly fine in the long term potentially achieving an expected annual profit of 50%! The techniques presented in the case study aim for further increase of the performance at the expense of a higher risk.

After reaching the bottom of my company's special lab account back in November 2018, now I see a solid uptrend in performance. The case study results speak for themselves! An ROI north of 50% in 8 months is quite good and shows that I am in the right direction. But most importantly - you can get there, too!

TradeRobo EA Daily Performance November 2018 - July 2019

Currently, TradeRobo EA keeps growing the lab account's balance! View the latest fully verified stats on Myfxbook. In the Comments column under the History tab, you may view documented records on the trading actions I have done.

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