Dogs you know you want. The midwest and rocky mountain edition

This is Louise, a 6 month old border collie/Great Pyrenees/lab puppy.

This is Chipper, one of our Caddo Parish survivors. He is a 14 month old, 55 pound boxer mix. Great with people and dogs, not so much the kitties. Otherwise known as sacks of meow.

This is Peppy, a 6 month old border collie Great Pyrenees lab puppy.

This is Jewel, a 2 year old, 55 pound chocolate lab. She is good with people, calm dogs and would prefer a cat-free home as she is prejudiced against cats.

This is Gigi, a 5 month old serious looking puppy. She is perfectly sweet with all and has a fat wrinkly forehead that needs to be squished and kissed.

This is Fagan a 16 week old female shep mix puppy who likes to roll in pollen.

This is Buster, a 2 year old, 55 pound spaniel heeler mix. He is good with all people, likes to play with dogs and likes to chase cats. It's a hobby.

This is Bravo, a 4 year old, 50 pound golden mix. He is good with people, dogs and cats and is on the mellow side of things.

This is McKenzie, a 2 year old black lab female. She is great with people and playful dogs. No cats unless you have a Saber-toothed tiger.

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