The Fault In Our Stars by:john green

In the book it has more detail about what hazel and Augustus feels about each other and what is going on in their life, what they are feeling at that moment weather they are sad or happy. In the book a girl named Hazel Grace has cancer and she is forced to go to a cancer group where a bunch of kids come in and talk about their cancer situations, and at this meet she meets a boy named Augustus Waters that she completely falls in love with later on in the story. You can really feel that she loves him and cares about him.

In the movie you watch what they are doing but it doesn't really go into detail of how they feel, but in the movie when hazel and Augustus and even the people around them are sad you can really feel it to, you can feel what they are feeling and it takes more effect on you. for example when hazel is at the cancer meet and she sees Augustus staring at her you can see that she is very uncomfortable and that she wants to say something to him.

The movie is different form the book because in the book it goes into detail on what they are feeling and in the movie you see what they are feeling. also in the book you understand the sadness of it but in the movie when something sad happens you begin to get emotional and maybe even cry. for example In the book, Augustus Waters’ parents do not let him take Hazel Grace Lancaster downstairs unsupervised to watch “V for Vendetta.” Instead, they let Gus show her the basement and then watch the Natalie Portman film in the living room. In the movie, Gus and Hazel go straight downstairs without any parental guidance.

You should read the book because its a very tranquilizing story of two young teens facing tragedy and finding the best things out of it, It is a unique and beautiful love story about two teenagers who meet at a cancer support group for kids.The Fault in Our Stars has become incredibly popular recently, and after you read it, you will know why. its not your average love story.While falling in love can be hard enough, it is terribly beautiful to see two characters lose themselves completely to each other, all while battling cancer. You can really feel what they are feeling and it takes you to a whole new place.

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