Franklin Pierce Vanessa Gonzalez

Background: Franklin Pierce was born in 1804 in New Hamsphire, where he attended Bowdoin College and graduated in the year of 1824. He was married to Jane Means Appleton, who was not a very big fan of Pierce's political life. Pierce was born into a wealthy family, and of course was persuaded by his father, Benjamin Pierce into outgrowing his politics and becoming the 14th President of the United States. Franklin was a lawyer before he became president and before he even became part of the political life. In his time period an important event was when his dad lead local militia into victory of the American Revolutionary.

Bowdoin College
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vanessa gonzalez


Created with images by Boston Public Library - "Franklin Pierce. Born in New Hampshire November 23, 1804. President from 1853 to 1857 died October 8th, 1869. Aged 65 years. Compliments of Julius Saul, leading clothier, 324 & 326 River St., Troy. [front]" • rapidtravelchai - "Bowdoin College on 9/11/16"

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