Inject Creativity Live Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Joining Tim, Jerry and I this week:

  • Eden Carey (AEL Presenter)
  • Steven Kolber (AEL and Thought Leader).

Adobe Max

Check out Tim's MAX summary here: timkitchen.net

Up first...

Eden Carey (@evcarey)

Perth, Western Australia

Eden creates challenges at her school with a site that empowers them to develop their skills and create their own projects, including cinemographs

Eden then walked us through her own how-to on creating Cinemagraphs (exported as a .gif) using Adobe Photoshop.

By utilising layers and rasterising the top layer to make the video have an image 'overlay', Eden selected the area around the boat to make a 'hole' that the VIDEO of the boat could display through the image.

To export, select 'Save to Web (legacy)', and change the file type to .gif

There are lots of creative options for you to try - Eden suggested:

  • The steam off of coffee
  • Flags
  • Boats
  • Rivers.
From the Adobe Newsdesk:

Adobe TeachMeets

Tacy Trowbridge

Interview by Tim Kitchen

Creative skills are essential in a world that is changing rapidly. Tacy discusses this with Tim in the full interview - use the link marked above and below:

Steven Kolber

Thought Leader on 'competition and challenge networks for teachers'

Although we would like to think of ourselves as collaborative practitioners, there is space for positive and impactful rivalries that can create inspiration to 'bridge the gap' and improve ourselves, our approaches and our skills.

Much like the philosophy of 'hard fun', challenge creates space for growth. This is the purest form of constructive criticism, with the challenge of an observed element to encourage genuine metacognitive practice.

Created By
Erin Raethke


Created with images by 7144605 - "mansion garden house" • PublicDomainPictures - "connect connection cooperation" • trainer24 - "puppy tug-o-war lab"