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As we carry out our daily activities , we forget little things in our lives that may have happened before or have been happening, however, these little things, these memories are the ones that leave the deepest impressions on us. Everything that happens in our EVERYDAY LIFE is worth remembering.
Minor details

Firstly, friends. Friends evidently play an important role in our EVERYDAY LIFE, they provide us with support and care that cannot be replaced easily. However, do we take them for granted? Have we actually stopped to observe them?Have we ever thought of what drew us together? Was it plainly fate? Or was it their qualities that made us drawn together? We ought to take more notice of the small details of our friends as that may be the reasons we have these friendships.

Cause and Effect

Secondly, workers. These people are the ones that contribute significantly to our lives, be it to the society or the school. The cleaners play a role in keeping the cleanliness of the school, this may seem a minor task as compared to the teachers' "load", however, this has a humongous effect on us, they do their jobs everyday without fail and without complaints and thus, produced a conducive environment for us to play and learn in, affecting our EVERYDAY LIFE positively.

Great Nature

Next, Mother Nature. As we get busier everyday be it due to school or work, we must remind ourselves of the nature around us and appreciate it and not get too caught up in our work. As we walk home from school or work daily, we would see nature around us, however, if we take this for granted, we would soon regret it after they have been replaced by infrastructure. Nature is beautiful, take some time to go outdoors more often to realise that.


Now, we will be talking about surroundings. We get so caught up in our busy schedules that we do not look around us and observe our surroundings, slowly, we forget texture, we lose our "touch", we lose feelings. We forget how it feels like to lie on a patch of grass looking up at the clear blue sky, we start to forget the feeling of feeling!


Lastly, everyday objects. In our EVERYDAY LIFE objects we use like textbooks, simple things like photographs may not seem as important like the phones that seem capable of doing anything. However, they are the objects that hold a special significance for us, a fond memory to remind ourselves of special events. They are in fact much more important than the smartphones we use now as they hold a special meaning that will forever stay with us and is not merely a jpg. file behind a virtual screen.

The End

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