Florida's climate Michelle

That's the equator

Florida is hot because it's near the equator

This is a drought

A drought can make the land dry and

This is a thunderstorm

A thunderstorm inpacts Florida because it affects one location for an extent time

This is a hurricane

Hurricanes can cause a storm surge and a flood

This is a peninsula

A peninsula is a piece of land surrounded by water

This is a changing peninsula

The changing peninsula changed Florida by the sea levels rising, Florida shrank,and it became much colder

This is a landform

Florida's landform are 3 major landforms with elevation which is high of sea level

this is barrier island

Barrier island is a long narrow island lying parellel and close to the main land form erosion and storms

that is a barrier island

barrier island is important because it provents the ocean

this is the wetlands

the wetlands prevent a flood like a spunge

this is a lake

florida containes more than 30,000 lakes.that covers a little more than 3 million aces of land.lakes range from small to big.

this is the gulf of mexico

the atlantic ocean and golf of mexico are natural resources because it is connected the the atlantic ocean by the straits of florida running between the peninsula of florida and the island of cuba,and to the Caribbean sea which runs between te yacatan.

this is a phosphate rock

a phosphate rock is used to denote any rocks with high phosphorus content pure phosphorus is used to make chemicals for indrusty

this is limestone

limestone is a important recorce because limestone is used for building material, toothpaist, paint, and decretive rock gardens.

this is oil

oil is important to florida because its a leading mineral product

renewable energy relies upon resources that are quickly replenished by natural processes, while nonrenewable energy uses resource that are finate in supply


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