Town of Little Suamico Established in 1859

As a town, Little Suamico has a chairperson, treasurer, assessor, clerk, and two supervisors. These Town Board of Supervisor meetings are held at the Little Suamico Town Hall.

Little Suamico Town Hall Address: 5964 County Road S, Sobieski, Wisconsin 54171

This is a map representing my municipality, the Town of Little Suamico.

The Board of Supervisor meetings cover many things. Included in the 2017 February Minutes, a discussion about Hogan Park Re-Zone of Parcels took place. The park wanted to re-zone agricultural and forestry land to residential area. As the discussion came to an end the board voted to approve of this issue.

Another business attended to in the 2017 February meeting was the issue involving the Oconto County Economic Development Corp. This issue involved that the corporation wanted money from the Town of Little Suamico for funding to help bring tourism to Oconto County. The Town Board disapproved of giving this corporation funding because it would not help the Town of Little Suamico.

Hugo and Barrett Asphalt Paving Company requested a 2013-2016 PP tax refund at the 2017 February meeting. The board agreed that taxpayers should better monitor their tax bills. Because the taxpayers didn't ask sooner, the board only accepted the 2016 PP tax refund.

In January 2017, the Board of Supervisor meeting took action against the R2017-1 Recycling Center Fee Adjustment. The recycling center requested that the board reviewed the fee schedule and the board approved of all changes.

As I live in the Town of Little Suamico, my government takes issues in my community and finds a solutions for them. One of these local issues was the names of streets. This problem was brought to a Board of Supervisor meeting on Monday, March 14, 2016. When this issue a raised it brought speculation on if the emergency services would get confused with the names. The road names were as follows: Autumn Blaze Trail, Timberland Court, Maple Leaf Trail, and Norway Pine Court. As the board discussed the potential confustion and re-naming, Ragen, the chairperson of the board, would talk to Oconto County regarding similar road names is the future. As the meeting progressed the board voted to approve the roa names just as they are. I agree with the boards decision because I don't see how the road names could confuse emergency services. Even though all the roads are named with tree and season themes, they are totally different. My solution to help the board, would be to leave the road names just as they are. But, I do know of two roads that may need to be changed that may cause confusion to emergency services. My friend lives on Krause Road, which is off of Cross Road. With these street names so similar in sound, I think the emergency services could mistake Cross for Krause or vice versa. If my municipality were to change one of these names, I think that Would help the residents residing on either of those roads.

By: Kayla Reed

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