New Smyrna Beach's Ray Catheline rallies relief convoy Trucking supplies to Hurricane stricken texas

Catheline, who cuts hair for a living, sees himself as a husband, father and provider for his wife and two kids. He's also someone who believes in pitching in. And so a week ago Monday, he and a couple of friends started a grassroots effort to send supplies to Texas in the wake of Harvey. With use of social media, word gets out to citizens, who bring supplies to the drop off locale in the old Kmart plaza in New Smyrna Beach.
Supplies are carried in, sorted on tables like an assembly line (without the proverbial conveyor belt) and placed in specially-marked bins like the one above for feminine hygiene products.
Items like toiletries are placed in plastic bags and then placed in larger grouping where they are wrapped and placed onto pallets. Larger items like blankets and buckets are wrapped separately because of their size.
Ray Catheline's 10-year-old son, Nicholas, puts on his game face with his hometown New Smyrna Beach 'Cudas ballcap on backwards for emphasis.
Human Jack in the Box: Mackenzie Pugh, 13, of Sanford, takes a break

Missy McCormick, flanked by her husband, Chad, and their son, Braden, 13, show their resolve to fill the pallets. They and others have -- more than a hundred in all.

And look what this gal found in the mix while sorting through clothes!

That's enough! Back to work...

Speaking of work, after pallets are completed, its time to upload them onto trucks and then transported to a nearby warehouse to be loadd onto tractor trailers.
A sunburn is a sacrifice this volunteer is willing to make to help with the relief effort.
And for Ray Catheline, winding down a hot day means capturing images a Facebook Live selfie to thank the community for its charity.
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