Langley Park School for Girls Newsletter December 2019

A Message from the Headteacher

It seems barely possible that we are nearly at the end of the Autumn Term. Our Year 7 students have made the transition to LPGS seamlessly and have already enjoyed a weeks camping together in Sussex. They have also been participating in the first rotation of our new music scheme that gives all Year 7 students free musical tuition for keyboards, the trombone or violin, for a period of time. The first concert to parents and carers last week was a huge success with incredible progress being demonstrated.

Year 8 students have been enjoying our new cooking rotation and some students have also been involved in an after school cooking engagement programme.

We want our students to enjoy as many different opportunities and learning experiences as possible during their time at LPGS. Through working with a range of other students, they develop the character and skills that will support them throughout their lives.

All students in Years 7-10 have had their first full rotation of the elective curriculum during our fortnightly Enrichment afternoons. Students this week have been completing their feedback and choosing their next options. The options vary slightly each term and from January some of the new choices include DJing with lessons from an international DJ, and beginners' Arabic. If you have any ideas or could support by offering an activity, please do get in touch.

DEAR is now well established and student feedback shows that nearly all are reading more than ever. Those precious 10 minutes each day give everybody, staff and students, a period of escape and relaxation. It also helps develop the habit of reading for pleasure, as well as building vocabulary and reading speed, both of which help students access the curriculum.

Year 9 will making their options in the new year and Year 10 already have their GCSEs well underway. Year 11 and 13 have completed their set of trial examinations and university applications are well underway with some Oxford interviews already having taken place.

The charity work of the Sixth Form is a real source of pride. Their teamwork demonstrates that whether or not they attended LPGS in Year 11, they have quickly fitted in to the LPGS family and adjusted to the academic atmosphere that prevails.

Inevitably we have some goodbyes to say and these include:

Tracey Currie, Assistant Headteacher who has been at LPGS on and off since 2003

Eleanor McDermott, Teacher of Textiles & Head of Year 9 who has been on maternity leave since Dec 2018

Kirstan Goodman, Teacher i/c/ Bus Comms and Health & Social Care, and Assistant Head of Year 7

Jaime Neale, Teacher of PE & Health and Social Care

Ayodele Akeju, Teacher of Science

We will be welcoming the following staff in January:

Laura Fenton Specialist Teacher of SpLD (0.4)

Agata Klawiter Teacher of History (Maternity Cover) & Assistant Head of Year 12. Agata has been a Head of History and Humanities for the last 10 years

Hayley Williams Part Time Teacher of PE & Assistant Head of Year 12. Hayley is a former Head of 6th form and AST (Advanced Skills Teacher)

Cara Keeble Teacher of Art & Textiles & Assistant Head of Year 7. Cara has been a Head of Visual Arts Faculty for the past 5 years.

Selina Clarke Lead Teacher of Health & Social Care

Christina Schlegel Teacher of Business & Economics

Lindsay Jupp Admissions Officer & Administrative Assistant

In addition Hannah Polson takes up the role of joint Acting Assistant Head of Year 7 from January 2020.

We will be starting the new year with renewed energy and ambition for all at LPGS. I thank you for your support this year and particularly those who have written in to comment on improvements noticed and support for the direction of travel. Our expectations of students' commitment to learning is higher than ever because we want them to achieve as well as they possibly can. We are encouraging them to embrace imperfection and see everything as a work in progress. The Brave, Not Perfect campaign has seen many nominate their peers (and in some cases, staff). We really want to focus our energies on the things that have been outlined above, not basic expectations such as attendance, punctuality and uniform. Most of that comes from parental expectations and our high expectations are the reason that you and so many others want their children to attend LPGS. Therefore please ensure your daughter's skirt is knee length. They grow quickly at times; lowering the hem extends the life of the skirts. We have spare skirts and trousers for those who are not in the correct uniform. The first week in January will involve an audit on who needs to purchase a longer skirt.

Students have been collating evidence of their developing the LPGS characteristics of Leadership, Global Citizenship, Teamwork, Determination, Problem Solving and Creativity. The Christmas holidays would be a good time for students in Years 7-10 to update their Firefly blogs and, of course, for Years 11 and 13, it will be a time of consolidation and revision, as well as much need rest and relaxation.

Wishing you all a restful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

With best wishes. Ms Katie Scott Headteacher

LPGS is now a Fairaware School

Becoming a Fairaware school means we are beginning to develop our understanding of the impact of Fairtrade and Fairtrade products.

Being a part of this worldwide community, allows us to teach our students they can make a difference on global level. We will now be working towards the second award and will need a lot more support from students allowing them to take the lead and spread awareness of the importance of Fairtrade products.

Duke of Edinburgh

This year we have enrolled the highest number onto the award than we have ever done before:

80 Y10 (bronze)

110 Y9 (bronze)

13 Y12 (silver)

The dates for future expeditions are as follows:

Saturday 25th April – Sunday 26th April – Y10 Practice Expedition

Saturday 6th June – Sunday 7th June - Y10 Qualifying Expedition

Friday 26th June – Monday 29th June - Y12 Qualifying Expedition

Saturday 4th July – Sunday 5th July – Y9 Practice Expedition

Wednesday 15th July – Thursday 16th July – Y9 Qualifying Expedition

Year 12 visit to the National Theatre Archive to view the Barbican’s Production of Hamlet

On Thursday 12th December Year 12 English Literature students visited the National Theatre Archive to view a pre-recorded production of Lyndsey Turner’s version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Originally shown in 2015 at The Barbican, this production exposed students to a mesmerising set with Benedict Cumberbatch cast as Hamlet. Students took notes, ready to use in the classroom and apply to their own study of the text for the Component 1, Drama exam.

As always, students behaved impeccably and were engaged throughout a 3 hour performance. It is always pleasing to see students take ownership over their learning and engage with material beyond the material used in the classroom.

Ms Walker

FAD - Fashion Futures 2020

Visual Arts is glad to announce that two of our BTEC Art and Design students, Mattia F Y13 and Iris P Y12, have both been offered places on the FAD Fashion Futures course at New City College, Hackney, London. They will work at the college on Saturdays starting in January 2020 and working through to March 2020. This is a wonderful opportunity for both students and will enable them to experience directly what it is like to study Fashion at a higher level and make contacts in the industry. Well done to you both!!

Langley Feminist Society

I weigh movement

Actress and activist Jameela Jamil started a campaign called “I weigh” on Instagram to promote body positivity, self-worth and confidence. The campaign involves sharing a picture of yourself with words that represent who you are, and what you feel you really “weigh.” The response has been overwhelming and thousands of women have followed Jamil’s lead and shared their own powerful messages with her. At Feminist Society we want people to realise that the whole picture is beautiful and real — our flaws, our strengths, and the things we are working towards and hope to accomplish. We want to combat the feelings of body image and inadequacy that photo editing apps and filters spread. In response, we launched our own Langley "I Weigh" movement and have had beautiful responses from all year groups. Follow us on Instagram @langleyfemsoc to see the results!

Feminist Society runs every Thursday lunchtime in M206 – come and join the discussion!


Autumn Term is always a busy one for our Year 13 students as they juggle both preparation for the first round of trial examinations alongside submitting competitive applications that will secure them their desired post-18 destination.

Congratulations go to all students who have made early applications through both UCAS and directly to specialist higher education providers such as dance conservatoires and reputable art colleges. To date, our Oxbridge hopefuls have undertaken the demanding entrance tests (demonstrating true commitment during October half term!) and engaged in rigorous interview processes; our partnership with UCA is paying dividends for our Visual Artists who have been awarded conditional offers without interview and 30% of the cohort have received decisions from all five of their chosen universities which has provided an additional focus to their goals for the summer. This will only increase as the weeks progress toward the final deadline of Wednesday 15th January 2020.

On behalf of the students, wholehearted thanks go to all of the teachers, parents and mentors who have supported this process.

Senior Maths Challenge Success

On 7th November 2019, twenty of our A-Level maths students sat the UK Mathematics Trust Senior Maths Challenge. They achieved the following certificates:

1 Gold (Xinyi H)

5 Silver (Ava D, Kayleigh J, Emma C, Oyku P, Demi E)

10 Bonze (Elisabeth C, Jessica E, Mia L, Remy S, Lucy B, Radha S, Gemma S, Ooreoluw Y, Lucy A, Acshajaa K)

Senior Team Challenge

On Tuesday 26th November, we attended the Senior Team Maths Challenge at Ravens Wood School. In our team we had two Year 12 students and two Year 13s. We worked in pairs and as a team to solve the problems we were given. The competition was made up of three different rounds and there were 30 teams competing.

In the first round we were given 40 minutes to answer 10 questions as a group. In the second and third rounds we were divided into two pairs. The second round was a cross number in which each pair was only given clues for across or down. We had to fill in as much as possible but we could only communicate with the other pair through the teacher which made it more challenging. The third round was a shuttle race where one pair had to answer a question and send their answer to the other pair. They were then required to use this answer to solve the next question.

Overall the experience was challenging but fun as it helped us practice our problem solving skills in an enjoyable way.

Ava D, Xinyi H, Kayleigh J, Gemma S


Kooth is a free online service that offers emotional and mental health support for children and young people. When you sign up you can choose an avatar, which helps to keep you safe and anonymous. You can have a "drop-in" chat with a counsellor or therapist or book a one-to-one session.

Music News

On 18th, 19th & 20th November, Year 7 sang their hearts out during the dress rehearsals and final concerts that showcased the entire year group as well as a number of incredibly talented soloists. The programme included Abba hits such as ‘Thank You for the Music’, ‘Waterloo’ and ended with the rousing ‘Dancing Queen’ each night. Gamma & Sigma performed to their audience on Tuesday night and then Lambda & Kappa on Wednesday.

The concerts hold huge importance as the transition between primary and secondary school often sees a huge decline in singing. Singing is proven to have the ability to boost well-being and mental health so we naturally want all students at LPGS to continue.

Now the students have experienced a taste of the limelight at secondary school, we expect as many as possible to become fully fledged members of the school choirs that are on offer:

Chamber Choir (TUESDAYS: 8am - 9am)

Young Voices (TUESDAYS: 12.45pm – 1.10pm)

Rehearsals begin again in the second week back in January. New members just need to turn up to the first rehearsal, ready to sing!

The following week, it was the A-Level Music students turn as they performed their exam recitals in the main hall to an audience of Year 11 GCSE Music students and parents. Their repertoire covered a huge range from pieces written in the Romantic era right through to songs from modern musicals. The students did this in preparation for their final recitals in March.

On Tuesday 10th December, the 2019 Christmas Concert took place and was a big success. The talent showcased blew the audience away and an impressive variety of musical groups, styles, cultures and eras were represented. Tabitha in Year 9 started the night in style with a 30 minute DJ set in the foyer which welcomed guests as they arrived. The LPGS Steel Band had their first ever performance as well as another new extra-curricular group, Ivory Lounge. Jazz Band premiered their own group composition ‘Fight the Snow’ as well as one of their favourites from the October half term tour to Amsterdam. It was a busy night enjoyed by all and the students' commitment shone through.

It is not too late for students who missed out this time to get involved. All extra-curricular groups will start again in the second week of term, no prior booking is required!

We also have some DJ lesson slots available so if interested, please email ges@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk for more information.

In the final week of term we have lunchtime busking, more DJ sets, our first Year 7 ‘Learn an Instrument’ scheme concert and reward trip to the musical ‘Wicked’ for all students who have given their time to the department this term. There really is no rest for musicians at this time of year!

Head of Music - Miss. Sheppard

English Literature Trips

Westminster University Y12 & Y13 A-Level Literature Trip

Students visited The University of Westminster, situated on Regent Street, which is also the site of the first public cinema. In a knowledge rich environment, students explored the contextual influence in both The Handmaid’s Tale and War of the Worlds from two amazing lecturers, Simon Avery and Alexandra Warwick. Year 12 and 13 demonstrated higher order thinking through both critical and evaluative responses which proved to be useful towards their progress in their A-Level literature course.


• “I was really engaged throughout. Enlightened like the metaphysical poet we study, Donne.” -Thrissa

• “I was engaged throughout as it was really interactive” - Ayse

• “It was unique. We were all submerged into the poetry world” - Zhanai

• “The lecture has allowed me to approach poetry with a more positive and free mindset” - Holly

• “The lecture was mind blowing” - Sevda

Goldsmiths, University of London Y12 & Y13 A-Level Literature Trip

On Thursday 10th October, Year 12 A-Level literature students had the opportunity to attend Goldsmiths, University of London. With a personalised seminar delivered by Dr Francis Gilbert, Senior Lecturer in Education and Head of the MA in Creative Writing, students developed creative approaches to poetry. They emerged themselves in John Donne’s world and explored his different poetry personas. Drawing knowledge from the seminar, students are now able to articulate even more informed and challenging responses during in class discussions.


• “Really informative and helpful to understand 'The Handmaid’s Tale’ – Cagla

• “Great experience being exposed to London’s amazing University of Westminster” – Benedetta

A-Level English Literature Trip to the emagazine Conference 2019

On Tuesday 5th November Year 12 English Literature students travelled to Euston for the annual English Literature conference. The day ran from 10:30-15:30 and was packed with various talks, lectures and interactive pieces. The day started with Ruth Padel discussing the use of form in poetry and how it links to real life. Students were introduced to Padel’s experience of working with refugees in Palestine and how the Brazilian dance of Capoeira is used with children as a form of therapy. What was striking is how she linked this experience to the ways in which she writes poetry and how witnessing the dance determined how her poem would look on the page. Students then listened to Andrew Michael Hurley discuss his latest novel The Lonely and how the novel uses setting as a literary device. Hurley presented students with extracts from other novels, such as The Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights and 1984. These extracts and the ways they use setting provided students with lots of inspiration for their coursework unit starting in the summer term. After the break students took part in an interactive piece by Conor Short where he explored the use of comedy in Shakespeare’s plays. Interestingly, he discussed the fine line between Comedy and Tragedy which linked well to students’ current study of Hamlet. We were lucky that our very own Christabelle A volunteered to get up on stage and improvise a piece from Hamlet! It was great to hear about Shakespeare’s use of verse in his plays and how this was used as a pragmatic device as well as being entertaining. It was pleasing to see students taking lots of notes, ready to use in the classroom. After lunch students heard from Raymond Antrobus and Theresa Lola. They spoke about their current work and how they were inspired to get into writing poetry. It was refreshing to hear from young poets about what they enjoyed about writing poetry and their experiences of studying poetry at school.

Natalie Haynes was the perfect finish to this conference with a bit of stand up combined with an invigorating look at Homer’s The Iliad. She managed to tell the story in 26 minutes with superb examples of how the classic text links with the modern day. Students really enjoyed this fast-pace, humorous summary. I know that this was an exciting day where students could relate to the texts they are studying in class but, most importantly, step away from individual texts and explore literature in a broader sense. This conference has no doubt inspired students to think about their coursework in the summer where they will be invited to select two texts for comparison. Students behaved impeccably and they represented the school so positively; they were an absolute pleasure to take.

Ms J Walker - Acting Head of English

Year 8 are Stylish and Sustainable!

On November 21st – P.S.H.C.E. Day, the whole of Year 8 took part in fashion event Sustainable Style. The aim of the day was to extend the life of our unwanted clothing in an attempt to reduce our carbon by preventing clothing going to landfill. Students all brought in three items of unwanted clothing from home, along with other “used” items such as lace, buttons etc. Each class designed and created 5 outfits based on the themes “Weddings”, “Work Wear”, “Casual”, “Party” and “Weird and Wacky”. Students were only allowed to use one each of the items they brought in, donating the other two to London based charity Little Lives UK who provide opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK. The year group managed to fill a total of twenty bags for donation!

The highlight of the day was a fashion show in the Sports Hall, judged by Ms Sunman – Fashionista, Mattia F – Year 13 Visual Arts student and special guest Sophie Watson – former LPGS student & current fashion designer!

A great day was had by all as well as a range of new transferable skills learnt!

Jack Petchey awards in MFL

We are proud that two of our students in languages have been chosen for the Jack Petchey award this year. Annabelle in Year 12 and Abi in Year 13 both study German and Spanish for their A-Levels. They have gone above and beyond the expectations in language lessons and extra-curricular activities. They have also both helped students in KS4 or volunteered in KS3 classes in their free time. We are so proud. Gut gemacht! ¡Muy bien!

Frau Stavrou and the MFL team

Full nomination letters below.

Abi is an exceptional student of languages and has shown a great amount of commitment during her time at LPGS. She can always be relied on to make interesting and insightful contributions in class discussions - in both German and Spanish! Abi has volunteered to help out at many Open Evenings and events over the years and impressed younger students and their parents with her passion for languages. On top of that Abi offered weekly tutoring sessions to GCSE students throughout her time in Year 12. She is always willing to help those who struggle. Abi works incredibly hard and has made fantastic progress. It has been great to watch her grow from a keen Year 7 student to a successful A-Level linguist, who is planning to take her language studies further at university. She thoroughly deserves the Jack Petchey award for everything she has done for the MFL Faculty.

Annabelle is a highly motivated and committed student who has always made a real contribution to the school community. She has a real love for languages and has chosen both German and Spanish for her A-Levels. In KS3 and KS4 she took part in the Berlin exchange as well as the Tenerife exchange, making friends with young people from other cultures and soaking up the opportunity of being abroad. This year Annabelle is delivering assemblies for European Day of Languages for the second time, inspiring younger students to pursue language studies. She has also volunteered with us in the summer after completing her GCSE exams to assist in younger classes. Most importantly, Annabelle started a campaign to save German as an A-Level subject. It is now back on the timetable with a class of eight students which is a record number - in large part due to Annabelle’s efforts and skills of persuasion. When Annabelle has a free period, she will often appear and ask for a job or come to a language class and offer to help individual students. She is open-minded and communicates well with people from different year groups and cultural backgrounds. She is a real asset to the languages department and deserves the Jack Petchey award!

Key Stage 3 Visual Arts

This academic year all 240 Year 7 Visual Arts students will develop their Digital Literacy skills through learning how to use Adobe Spark Page, as a digital sketchbook and Adobe Photoshop, as an image manipulation tool. Visual Arts has made the leap!!



It was all treats and no tricks in the Library for Y7 and Y8 Halloween Partygoers, who joined in the spooky fun with quizzes, competitions … and a lot of sweets!


Thank you to everyone who supported the Library Book Fair this term. We took a fantastic £1,407 in sales! This will earn a generous level of commission, enabling us to buy a great selection of new fiction for the Library.

Finally, longer evenings mean more time for reading, so do consider including some books as gifts for your son or daughter this Christmas.

Reading is the perfect way to relax and there are marvellous titles to try … something for everyone.

Happy reading … Happy Christmas!

Allstarz Gymnastics

I would like to say a big thank you for allowing Amelia D and Ellie D to leave school slightly early on Friday 8th November 2019. Amelia and Ellie travelled as part the Allstarz Junior Display team to Liverpool to compete in the British Ministrada.

After performing two fantastic routines, the Team were awarded the Winners of the Junior Category and are now British Display Champions. As I am sure you will agree this is a fantastic achievement for someone so young and hope you will join me in congratulating them.

Thank you for your continued support - Claire Ongley Allstarz GC

A-Level trip to Berlin – By Annabelle H

Day one - A group of ten German A-Level students went to Berlin to improve our spoken German and learn about the culture. For some it was their first time and for others it was maybe the second or third time. For me, it was my second time and I was looking forward to returning to one of my favourite countries. I’ve asked every student that went and we all agreed that our favourite things about Germany were the little experiences like visiting supermarkets in our free time and trying different foods, or The DDR Museum which we did on day one.

The first museum we visited was the DDR museum this is based around East Germany and we all had quizzes to fill in and the joint winners were Annabelle and Abi. Afterwards, we briefly visited the Anne Frank museum. Then we went for a kebab.

Day two - On day 2 we went to visit the remains of die Berliner Mauer and then we went inside to the museum where there was also a viewing platform and we could also see ‘der Todesstreifen’ also known as the death strip on the other side of the wall. Der Todesstreifen was meant to prevent East German citizens from fleeing. After that we went to the Tränenpalast Museum where we met Jonas who was our tour guide, we then explored Friedrichstraße and bought a few presents for our families. Then Frau Stavrou suggested that we hop on the number 100 bus which covered all the main touristy sites. Which of course we ended up doing and then to end our day we headed to a Vietnamese restaurant.

Day three - This was the day that we went to Sachsenhausen the concentration camp just outside of Berlin it was used for political prisoners from 1936 to the end of the Third Reich in May 1945. I remember feeling cold and I felt guilty that I was feeling like that, because the prisoners would’ve felt much worse. It shocked me how insensitive some tourists can be, but I think that the German people are very good at remembering and being respectful towards the people who were there.

This was also the day I met up with my exchange for the first time in 4 years, she hadn’t changed and I was really pleased when her family said my German had improved. It was really lovely to see them again.

Day four - This is when we went to the Stasi Museum. They were the secret east German police. As normal we gathered lots of leaflets to help us with our A-Level and then we set off for the airport.

Overall we all felt culturally enriched and really pleased that we’d had the opportunity to go on this trip, partly because when you have a language A-Level you need to understand the culture of the country.

Creative Writing Enrichment

On Wednesday 4th December the Creative Writing Enrichment had a guest speaker, Tanya Royer. Tanya is a freelance writer based in Margate, Kent where she is director of Fabula Works, a company specialising in creative writing and education services. She is currently studying an MA in creative writing and education at Goldsmith’s University.

Throughout the session, Tanya prompted the students to write about their dreams and nightmares with music and images as stimulus. An example of a student’s brilliant final product:

"The box's thick edges once miles apart now enclosed around my body, as my arms shielded my bare skin from its touches. Nothing could reach down and pull me up, not in this senseless abyss. Breath felt sharp and it sliced my throat - veins once below my skin throbbed desperately trying to escape me. Then, as if it had been there all along, the lines on my page suddenly glowed with words and sentences, their shimmer catching my eye. The grindstone grip upon my throat released and air was soothing against my scathes. Atoms and molecules, the puppet masters of the show, let loose of their strain, and the pen in my hand flowed unlike it ever had done before. No rocks in my ocean, no salt, no darkness." – Francesca D. (8GB)

Tanya Royer commented that the students’ written work was “inventive, well-structured and, without exception, vivid with emotion and life force.” Undoubtedly, an experience that was useful for the students and enriching for the provider.

Visual Arts at UCA Farnham

The Visual Arts Department continues to grow its partnership with the University of Creative Arts. Year 12 Visual Arts students visited the Open Day at the University of Creative Arts Farnham on 11th December 2019 to hear from different speakers about a whole range of creative courses.

A Level Spanish at the Spanish Institute in London

Spanish A-Level students in Years 12 and 13 spent the afternoon at the Spanish Institute in London, Instituto Cervantes. We learned about what the Institute does and the wide range of courses, events and resources that are available. For the final A-Level oral exam we must pick a topic from Hispanic culture, history or politics and carry out detailed research in Spanish from academic Spanish sources, so after our presentation we had time to do research in the Spanish library at the Institute into the topics that interest us such as Frida Kahlo, Gaudí, Spain in the 1980s and the war on drugs in Mexico. We hope to be able to reference these academic sources in our final exam.

Sixth Form Charity Fortnight

Over the last two weeks our Sixth Formers have been working incredibly hard raising money in aid of those who are homeless or struggling during this very difficult time of year.

Every form group has arranged a fundraising activity and we have seen a huge variety of innovative ideas. From Krispy Krème sales, temporary tattoos, photo booths and more. This event has raised a grand total of - £989.37

This money will sponsor 35 people to receive hot food, medical check-ups and companionship over the Christmas period. They will also get the chance to access education, training and support to help end their homelessness for good through Crisis’ year-round services.

A big well done to all those who have gone above and beyond to support this cause.

Living Well

Dear students, staff and families of Langley Park School for Girls

I am writing to thank you for your extremely generous donations of food for our Christmas bag campaign this year.

As you may know, Living Well supports vulnerable and homeless people in Penge and the surrounding areas by providing hot meals, foodbags, advice and a welcoming, safe place where they can come and feel cared for. Many of the people who come to us are in financial difficulties, others are struggling with addiction, mental health or social isolation. All our services are free, and we never turn anyone away. Thanks to generous donations from our community, we can provide support and friendship to nearly 200 people each week; many of whom have nowhere else to turn.

A recent review of our figures has shown how the demand on our services have increased. Over the last three years we have seen a 57% increase in the number of food bags we have given out. This increased demand has also meant that we have been having to buy extra food for our stores and these costs have risen from £200 in 2017 to £3200 in 2019 so far.

Your donation will help us spread joy this Christmas, during a time that can be very difficult for many. Our Christmas bags are packed with the usual supplies and some extra special items such as chocolate and mince pies, which will certainly help to bring happiness and share some love with those who need it most.

If you’d like to keep in touch with all our news over the coming months, please have a look at our website at www.livingwell.life or follow us on social media, by searching for Living Well Bromley on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

We couldn’t run Living Well without the support of the local community. We are so grateful for your generosity.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Rebecca Day - Administrator

Sixth Form News

Assemblies this term have continued to address the interests and needs that are specifically identified by our student body as well as meeting the Department for Education expectations for Post 16 providers’.

We have had a series of interactive Driving Awareness assemblies provided by Bromley’s Road Safety Officer, Ann Hilderly.

Students were given the facts about driving and its consequences and the impact unsafe driving can have. The presentations involved questioning, videos and interactive polls.

We had a Guest Speaker from Narconon Drug Prevention and Education who presented information and facts about a range of different narcotics and what impact these can have on the body and mind both long and short term. Time was spent ‘myth busting’ and addressing social perceptions of the world of drugs and drug users.

In recent weeks the Sixth Form have had presentations delivered by our own Safeguarding Lead and, ex-police officer, Rosemarie Mitchell, regarding students' legal rights, sexual consent and how to keep themselves safe and what actions they should take if they find themselves in a situation where they do not feel comfortable.

This assembly was followed by a Sexual Health assembly delivered by Bromley Sexual Health with interactive sessions during P1 and 2 and break. This gave students the opportunity to ask questions and receive further information.



Created with an image by Aaron Burden - "Christmas Star"