Haley's Creative Writing Portfolio

Table Of Contents:

1: This I Believe

2: My Creative Space

3: Enlighten Me

4: The Elevator Pitch

5: The Year That Was... and The Year That Will Be

6: I Am...

7: The Persistence Memory

8: EMO Poets

9: Ode to my family

10: Merediths most tragic event

11: About the author

This I Believe

Looking On The Positive Side of Things

I believe in looking on the positive side of things. Looking on the positive side of things could be very difficult at times.

The reason I choose to believe in this because there is one situation that I went through where I had to look on the positive side of things. The situation I went through was my family being told that my grandma would not make it through her surgery therefore we would never see her again. So during her kidney transplant surgery my mom is keeping my brother, dad , and I updated. During the surgery the nurse came out to tell my grandpa, my mom, and her siblings that my grandma is not expected to make it through her surgery. Then my mom called my dad to give us the update. So then we left our house immediately to go to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital my entire family was brought down. But my grandpa said if we all look on the positive side and stay positive things could turn back around. And guess what? He was correct! We all did our best to stay positive and my grandma fought her way through that surgery and made it! I couldn't of been more happy in my life!

But then about a year later my grandma's health went back down hill and she started struggling again when she went back into the hospital, I reminded myself that no matter what happens I must remain positive. The doctors then found out that she had a disease in her leg and foot. It took the doctors lots of time to figure out that is what was wrong. She underwent three separate amputations. So she was in and out of the hospital for almost a year. The first time she went and they found that infection in her toe , so they amputated that. Then they found it spread even more to her leg they then amputated half of her leg. That lasted about a month but she started to realize it was continuing to spread. So they decided to amputate the rest of her leg to her hip. During this time our family was very unsure of what was happening. When we saw our grandma really struggling, it really made everyone stressed but once again my family stuck together and encourage one another to be positive. But now it's been about two years since this and she has a prosthetic leg and is up and walking like her normal self!

Ever since this has happened I have always believed in looking on the positive side of things and that if you do that it could really change your life and make it better. I also always try my hardest to help others be positive as well.

I just always try to encourage others to stay positive even when things may not be so great. The positive side of life could help someone out a lot.

My Creative Space:

Welcome to my Creative writing space. As you can see you are in a beautiful loft with a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean. Right by the window is my desk. I sat my desk there so I could get a beautiful view of the ocean. As you can see there are pictures all over the walls of my family and friends. Also you can smell the very tropical smell of all the candles. And out here is my small deck there is a table and chairs for the days I would like to sit outside. I feel that this space is perfect for me because it's very comfy and relaxing.

Enlighten Me:

"This is something I don't understand: why do people not act there age?" I feel like people don't understand how old they are. Some examples are when kids my age yell and scream like little kids. It is very annoying and I don't think they understand that they are 14 years old. If people choose to go crazy like little kids right now. I feel like they are never going to grow up. If people are going to choose to never grow up they will not succeed in life. When you get older you are taking on more and more responsibilities each day. People are not going to like someone who is not mature and super annoying. People should learn that your age really does matter and you should know what it means. When you go to apply for a job and grow up you have to know what is going on.

Elevator Pitch:

Hello very nice to meet you my name is Haley and I have just written a book about a trouble a middle schooler went through. This Book really connects with middle school girls who either have had this happen to them or knows someone who went through this. The trouble that Meredith encounters is her dating Blake and her friends finding out on their own which stirs up some drama. But eventually when her and her friends get everything straightened out and back to normal she still had one worry on her mind. That were it was that her parents finding out that she was dating Blake but her rule and her family was they could not date until they were 16 but she is 14. Do you think her parents find out? But anyways I was wondering if you would like to sell my story?

The Year That was... and The Year That will be

2016 was not the best year of my life but for sure wasn't the worst . Even though everyone is saying that was the worst year it still didn't change my mind. For me I feel like I haven't really had the worst year of my life because I know life will get so much harder. Everyone has horrible days here and there but how could someone have an entire year oh horribleness?

In 2017 I'm going to strive to make this one of the best years of my life. I will try to do that by not letting what other people think affect me. I will also stay healthy and always stay positive. If I follow through with all of this 2017 could be the best year of my entire life.

I Am...

I am... very kind,

I wonder… Why some people aren't time,

I hear… Too many people not being kind to others,

I see... to many people hurting,

I want... everyone to be kind to each other,

I am... very kind,

I pretend... that everyone is kind,

I feel... others not being kind,

I touch... my friends and family and remind them to be kind,

I cry... when people are not kind to others,

I am... very kind,

I understand... that it may be hard at times to be kind,

I say... treat others the way you want to be treated,

I dream... that everyone is kind,

I try... to encourage others to be kind,

I hope... you try to be kind,

I am... very kind.

The Presistence Memory:

The time is running out,

The town is very run down,

It needed to be taken care of within a certain amount of time,

The time is running very low,

The town has very low energy.

EMO Poets :

I scream, my mom crys

I'm speechless, so is my mom

I can't believe it, neither can she

I think it's amazing, she thinks it's confusing.

Ode to my family:

I love them so much, they care for me more than anyone, even when I may annoy them a lot.

Every single day they are there even though they may be supper annoying I still love them, and they still love me.

There "good mornings", "how was your day" , and "goodnights" those are the words that show they care for me , no matter if my parents or I are mad at each other they still ask me those questions, there never ending love for me is amazing, no matter what happens I know I can always count on them.

Merediths Most Tragic Event:

“Hey Meredith can you come over and have a sleepover with me tonight?”, That was a text message from my best friend Sally. I reply with “Yes, I would love too!”. So that night I went over to her house and we had a great time doing our nails watching a movie, and making cookies. The next day I came home to my family (my mom, my dad,and my brother carter). That day we decided to go to the pumpkin patch because it was a beautiful fall day. Once we got home I decided to get my homework out and work on it because tomorrow we have school.

“Beep, Beep” that is the sound of my alarm clock going off at 6am. It's very difficult for me to get up that early in the morning because I am not a morning person. Anyways I am all ready for school and the bus should be here any minute and off I go to another great day at school! I get to school and all of friends won't even talk to me even my best friend Sally. I did not know what was going on I was super scared but also very nervous that they knew about something that I have been hiding from everyone. So I try to go up to Sally and ask her what was wrong but she started to run once she saw me coming close to her. Then all of my friends gathered in a circle and started to talk quietly and just stare at me which made me feel very sad. Finally Sally and Patricia also one of my best friends came up to me very politely and said “so we heard you are dating Blake is this true?”. I replied with “yes this is true I just didn't want anyone to know because I am not allowed to date until I am 16” They then looked at me and said “ We understand you don't want anyone to know but you should tell your best friends because we all tell eachother everything”. I then started to cry because I felt horrible but with tears in my eyes I replied “ I am very sorry I know I should have told you guys will you please forgive me I promise to tell you guys everything from here on out”. They said “yes Meredith we will forgive you this time but please tell us anything from here on out”. We then all hugged and went on with our school day.

I got home and was very relieved that my friends and I solved our problem but still very nervous that my parents will find out. Thoughts have been going through my mind “Should I break up with him?”. But I did not want to make him feel bad so I continued to date him. Once my mom got home she asked me how my day was and I replied with good I didn't want to tell her how it really was because she would ask why it was just ok. After we ate dinner my parents sat me down and said “Meredith we need to talk about something” I was very nervous that they found out. They start by saying “Meredith we got an email from your teacher saying that today you were acting very quiet like something was wrong is that true if so what's wrong?”. I replied with “Yes I am fine I just had a bad headache today but I am fine now” They said “ Are you sure that is what was wrong?” “Yes I am sure that is what was wrong” I said. They then said “ Ok just please make sure you tell us if there is ever something wrong” “Ok I will I promise” I replied.

I then headed up to my room to do my homework but realized I left my phone down stairs on the counter so I just thought it would be fine down there while I do a few math problems. But as I was doing my work and thought that what if Sally or Patricia texted me about Blake and my parents look. Then I thought well if its on silent it should be ok. But I was way wrong, I go downstairs and my parents had my phone in there hands looking down at it. My heart was pounding out of my chest I couldn't believe this was happening. I then walk over besides them and my parents both say together “ Sit down right there we need to talk to you again” I then sat down. They said this “ So we found out that your headache was not the problem today it was about your friends and your so called boyfriend” I just sat there because I didn't have a clue in the world what to say back. They then went on again saying “So is this true you have a boyfriend?” I then replied very quietly “Yes it's true and I am very sorry”. They said “But Meredith you do know our rule about you being 16 until you can date” I said “ Yes I know I messed up, I promise to fix this” “Ok please make sure you do this soon because it can't keep distracting you during school” My parents said.

I then went back up to my room I couldn't believe what had just happened. I then heard my parents whispering to each other so I tried to listen. The only thing I could hear was my mom saying I really hope she will break up with him so she can focus more on school. I then asked myself “why do my parents have to be so strict” but just ignored it and moved on.So I replied to Sally and Patricia and said “My parents just found out about Blake and said I need to to “fix” this so that means I need to break up with him” Sally replied first saying “Oh my gosh how did they find out?” I said “Well when I went up to my room to do my homework I accidently left my phone down on the counter and when you guys texted me about how Blake was they saw it”. Sally and Patricia then both said “ I am very sorry about texting you about Blake I didn't even think about your parents seeing it I am very sorry”. “No please don't feel bad about it it's my fault, I knew I shouldn't have started to date him in the first place because I knew all of this was going to happen”. So I then was very sad but also mad at myself for doing this, but then I thought to myself that everyone makes mistakes and this will be mine. I started thinking how I was going to tell him that this relationship was not working out so I decided to text him and explain to him what was going on. I started to type the message I started off by saying “I am very sorry I have to do this but I have disobeyed my parents rule and that rule is that I am not allowed to date until I am 16, so I sadly do have to break up with you. But hopefully in the future we can still be good friends. I am very disappointed with myself but also with my parents and again very sorry that this had to happen.” Things finally calmed down and we continued to be friends and didn't let that get in our way.

About The Author:

Hi, I am Haley Sharp and I am really excited to share this portfolio with you I have tried really hard and have done my absolute best on all of these entires and really hope you guys enjoy them! These entries have really made me a better writer and I cannot wait to grow even more in my writing.


Haley Sharp

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