Retrieval Practice Self-Study Learning Outcome #3

The three techniques I chose to test to see if it could help me study were quizlet, self-testing, and notes/practice problems.

Example of one of my quizlet study sets

Quizlet: I will use this primarily for learning the vocabulary and grammar in my French Class. I will plan to use this for about 30 minutes each day and see the results. On the first quiz I took on vocabulary, I received a 73 on it and I wanted to try new study methods to do that. I decided on quizlet because it was digital and easy to use. Part of using quizlet is fun also. It keeps it interesting as opposed to just writing everything. By using quizlet, I was able to successfully raise my next quiz grade up to a 85%.

Example of self-testing that I have done

Self-Testing: I started self testing after getting a 70 on my first math test. I got the idea when I met with my math professor to talk about the post-test analysis and ways to improve my test score next time around. I started pretty early on the self testing (about a week and a half out from the exam). I did a few problems everyday and this really seemed to be helping me. In the end, I ended up receiving an 83.50 on my second math test showing an amazing grade increase from this method.

Examples of Notes and Practice Problems for Math and French

Notes/Practice Problems: I decided to implement this because it was a variation on something that I had already been doing. During the first semester, I took very poor notes and never did practice problems and I'm pretty sure you can guess exactly the results from that due to my enrollment in CU 1010. Well this semester, I decided that I was time to actually start doing those extra little practice problems that given everyone trouble and "no one" actually does outside of class. Well once I started to do those problems, the material started to make a lot more sense. Once I was able to do the most difficult problems correctly, the other normal problems seemed like a joke. This started to really boost my moral and even though I wasn't always the happiest doing them, the better notes and practice problems greatly improved my grades.

For ENGR Test 2: I decided to use the practice tests and notes/practice problems for this. I didn't even try using quizlet because I knew that it wouldn't help me at all. I found that the practice problems helped the most for this test even though I ended up getting a 69 on the test. If it weren't for those problems, I would of done MUCH worse on that test.


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