Lottery Sambad in Nagaland Daily Results Updates in Nagaland

Dear users we are here to guide you on various topics regarding Lottery Sambad Played in Nagaland, Sikkim, West Bengal, Maharahtra. There are various games on various names but results are published only in Nagaland Portal.

To win this game you need serious patience due to huge loss you may face. Daily results are publish in PDF & DBF Format but don not worry we are here to show you the image without any hassle. We publish those same results in JPG Format for your Convinience!

Some of the Lottery Game are as follows -

Sikkim Lottery, Maharashtra Lottery, West Bengal Lottery, Bodoland Lottery, Dhankesari Lottery, Nagaland Lottery.

Playing way are same for all the above listed games. But the time schedule is different for each games!

Also one more popular games played in North Eastern States Yes. You are right its Teer Game in India played by lots of players mostly in Shillong played in Teer Shillong