Illegal Immigration Lindsey Nemeth

As one can imagine, illegal immigration is an issue that affects everyone in one way, shape, or form. This issue has been occurring for a while now, and there is no sign that it will stop anytime soon. Just like every issue these days, most countries have their own laws and opinions on this specific topic. A vast amount of these people search to leave war-torn countries that are in poverty and full of crime. These people try to escape their countries to create a better life for themselves and their families. A lot of these illegal immigrants go to the United States. They are not allowed to be there, but they each somehow find a way in. Overall, illegal immigrants “can bring a lot to the table” if they follow through with their word and behave as good citizens, but it is a very large price to pay if they do not.

In order to have an economy where everything flows smoothly, everyone must play their role. An illegal immigrant can help in some cases. They are willing to work for extremely low pay in jobs that many Americans don’t want such as housekeeping in hotels, busboy jobs in diners. Generally speaking, their jobs are hard labor in working conditions that might not be the best. While doing these jobs though, it benefits all of us.

Another upside to illegal immigration is that more people will pay taxes that we can use to build better roads, schools, public safety, and an overall better community. Taxes benefit every single person whether you are rich or poor, and immigrants can help. Furthermore, when illegal immigrants are accepted, you create a better life for them, their families, and a helping hand is never a bad thing. The whole country also contributes to a diverse melting pot, which is another “bonus”, because when a country is diverse, we have more views and opinions on issues which will result in a better outcome.

Unfortunately, these positives are outnumbered. Illegal immigrants are putting the government in billions of dollars in debt. Many refuse to pay taxes. Since the government does not have them on file due to their illegal status, they don’t know who is paying taxes and who is not. Illegals increase taxpayers bills in education, medical, welfare, infrastructure, increasing costs in courts and prisons, and much more. As a result of their lack of medical assistance and education in their home countries, many illegal immigrants come with a lot of things for which innocent taxpayers have to pick up, such as many free lunches in schools, free eye glasses, and the cost of more teachers and more books.

Not only are they causing debt, but illegal immigrants cause crime. 240,000 illegal immigrants have committed almost 1 billion sex offenses in the past 2 years. Not to mention that 60% of Hispanic gangs in California (which consists of tens of thousands of people) are illegal immigrants. They get in fights, and deaths often occur. Not to mention, since the jobs they get are so low paying or if they cannot find a job, violence is the only way to make ends meet. These jobs are taken away from Americans, and since employers know that their employees are illegal, they can abuse them. This is due to the fact that the immigrant doesn’t want the word getting out that they are illegal and then get deported. A lot of them don’t even work at all and just take our taxes for welfare and food stamps! Not to mention, many illegal people die while emigrating from their home country to wherever they’re headed. Or, they can be held in American detention centers for months causing taxpayers more money in food, healthcare, and education while detained.

When you really look at the facts, you see our suffering American citizens trying to make enough money for food for their own tables, and even barely able to feed their children, while illegal immigrants use our money to get food stamps and welfare to benefit their families. This puts them ahead of legal working families and who are practically “giving” money to illegal immigrants.

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I sit and wait

For time to tell

If it’s worth it

How much longer should I dwell?


Is it worth it?

The risk of death

The risk of being tossed back over the very large “fence”.


I cannot go back now

How long can I hide?

Hopefully my children will be healthy and thrive.


My heart trembles

It beats and it pounds

Hopefully things will get better now… maybe?


enormous long

jumping, kicking, climbing

I seem as helpless as a man in the middle of a battlefield with nothing to defend himself with.



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