LLoyd .H. Hughes by maya STOOPS

these are ships that lloyd could have flown
lloyd hughes was a very good man and a even better pilot.

Let's look at some facts about Lloyd Hughes.

Lloyd Hughes was born in Texas July 12th 1921, but nobody knew that he was going to be scutch a hero.

He was in the Air Force 564th bomber squadron, 389th bomber group, 9th Air Force.

That is some information from Home Of Heroes, that tells you where he was in the Air Force, ( witch I will explain to you )

His sad death...

He died August 1st 1943 when the ship got seriously damaged and gasoline flew out of the left wing of the plane, well Hughes did something that made him totally deserve the Medal of Honor, he stood on the plane 30 feet above the air and flew into a wall of fire and dropped his bomb load with percision right above the target, right after the ship cartwheeled to the ground Hughes and 6 other people died in the crash.

The End, but while we are here, look at this MEME


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