A Dog's Life By:Ann m. martin

In a neighborhood there lived a Dog in a shed that was a mother to two dogs named Squirrel and Bone.They were all thrown away.One day the mother left and never came back,squirrel and her little brother Bone,Traveled very far alone trying to find food and shelter.They went to many places and were strays for many years.They were taken by humans and thrown away again.On a Winter day they ended up at a mall and were eating garbage,Some girls came and just took Bone,but left Squirrel alone,Squirrel was sad because she didn't see her little brother ever again or her mother. She spent many years alone,until one day a dog named Moon found Squirrel. They became good friends and traveled together for many Months,but one day Moon and Squirrel were chased by these giant dogs,they ran so fast they didn't see the road,and a car came by and ran over Moon,Squirrel was so sad that the only friend she had was gone.Squirrel traveled alone in the woods and ended up at this old shed where this old woman named Susan took good care of her, they would play, sleep together, and eat together, even though squirrel had gone through a lot in her life Squirrel and Susan lived happily ever after together, because they both needed someone in their heart.


Characters: Mother, Bone, Moon, and Susan., Main Character: Squirrel, Author: ANN M. MARTIN,

The Autobiography of a stray.


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