Building the Pyramids BY Colton Harbour

The pyramids were built to hold the bodies of the pharaohs, typically along with the body the sarcophagus was used to hold other things such as relics and food that never rots like raw honey and raw wheat
This is where the Egyptians would have gotten the bricks for the pyramids. These were called quarries. To extract the stone they would use a saw and what was called a metal bow drill to extract the sixth face of the stone.
The most common way of transportation for the brick was by boat they were transported down the Nile River to the pyramids and were then dragged to the pyramid by farmers.
The only way of lifting the bricks into place was by a lever and pure human strength. The levers were mostly made of wood and some were bronze. Before the bricks were placed a glue like substance was placed then the bricks were slid across and the glue would harden.
The pyramids had immense weight, the way to distribute the weight was a modern technique called corbel vaulting to distribute the weight.
An odd thing was done at the end of building each pyramids before putting on the final brick a solid block of gold was placed as the finishing of the pyramid.


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