March Book 1

By: Sariah Love

This is just book one of 3


This book takes place in different places because some of this story is a flash back to his childhood when you first start the book it's in present day.


I enjoyed this book very much I liked it I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read it's hard for me to read books I don't like but I could read this easily.

This book is about after slavery and how this one person left tells his story he fought for freedom with Martin Luther King Jr., he sayS the first time he had ever really left his home was when he went to with his uncle he crossed a whole bunch of sights he's never seen before.

John Lewis Is the main character of the story he starts off the book with him in present day just getting up for work. Then he goes to work and talks about his story to some little kids. He starts his story with talking about the love of his chickens. He talks about that for a while but then is going on a trip with his uncle.

This story is told through civil rights leader John Lewis and Andrew Aydin they tell their stories because they wanted to tell you what it was like back then. They worked with Martin Luther King Jr. and they are the last of them alive.


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