ANGLE A New Vision for Non-Profit Creative

A New Vision for Non-Profit Creative

The greatest thing you can become is a gift to another… This is the fundamental mantra of Angle. Our mission is to bring exceptional creative work to worthwhile non-profit organizations free of cost.

Non-profit companies historically have notoriously undersized budgets, especially when it comes to their marketing, advertising and creative work. It’s not that they don’t understand the importance, it’s simply a matter of resources and talent. Most non-profits are busy doing their own work, not highlighting it.

Angle wants to harness the altruistic and economic spirit of established FOR-profit companies and organizations, as well as our own expertise in the creative field to fund the creative needs of NON-profits.

Angle uses three groups to create a complete, working model.

Group ONE - The Non-Profit

Angle identifies qualified, vetted non-profits in need of creative services. Typically these services are design, development, content creation or photography, but they can be defined as anything in the creative arts.

Group TWO - The Creatives

Angle maintains an organization of creatives available to work individually or as teams for non-profit organizations to meet any level of projects. Angle works in cooperation with universities, creative and professional organizations, heck, anyplace we can find great designers, eager to get exposure for their work for a great cause.

Our intention is to use younger, less-seasoned creatives, mostly to give them exposure and experience for real world projects. But also to provide the best value to the next step…

Step THREE - The Benefactors

The crucial key to Angle is this area. By finding organizations and companies in the community to become patrons, or benefactors of each project, we can provide a system allowing companies to take a taxable donation, while paying a fair amount for worthwhile projects while non-profits receive their creative work at no cost.

As most companies and organizations know, supporting local non-profits as well as the forthcoming creative community have immense value. But simp,y donating your own work many times leads to extensive costs and time commitments. Companies want to help, but they’re so busy doing their own work, they don’t have the time.

We hesitate to use the term “Human capital” but this is the biggest investment, most companies make when donating services. It’s simply expensive and takes vast amounts of time.

Angle creates a way for businesses to donate in a simple, practical way.

What does Angle get?

We get nothing. Angle is non-profit, we operate at a level of expense to meet our operational costs and allow for expansion and growth.

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