Jupiter The biggest gas giant planet

The diameter and size of Jupiter

The diameter of Jupiter is 86,881.4 miles and 43,441 miles.

The period or rotation and revolution

The rotation of Jupiter is 9.8 earth hours and the revolution of Jupiter is 11.86 earth years.

Average distance from the sun

The distance from the sun to Jupiter is 483.8 million miles.

Origin of the planet’s name

The origin of Jupiter is Latin Iuppiter and is named after a god.

Average surface temperature or range of temperature

The temperature of Jupiter is 234 degrees Fahrenheit.

4 Interesting Facts -

Jupiter has over sixty moons the four largest a called the Galilean moons.

2. More than 1,300 earths could fit in Jupiter.

3.Jupiter is a mini solar system.

4.It rains diamonds on Jupiter.


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