To Kill a Mocking Bird "Point of view" by: Jillian Dages

Scene 1: The pants

Arthur (Boo) Radley

I see them kids at my house again. They think they are so sneaky, and can look in my house and try to get me to come out. Though they mean well, those kids need a lesson taught. Well, I can definitely scare them, that's for sure. I sneak out of my house, and hide behind the tree, they don't even notice me. My foot crunches on the leaves for a split second but they don't realize, their eyes are still set inside my house. Almost instantly, I realize that my body reflects a shadow on the house. I reach out my hand, as it beams a shadow on the house, next to Jem. My body slowly appears towards Jem, and I reach my hand out as if grabbing him. Now the kids have noticed. This is too funny. They are shaking! I quickly let go and run back inside. Halfway inside, I realize the kids have ran away, but there were pants left on my lawn. Well, mine as well fix them up. I grab the pants and head back inside, then sew up the hole. Good as new. I then put them back where I found them, and stayed inside to watch. There I watched the little boy run back, grab his pants, and run away. Holding my gun, I decide to shoot and scare him off again. Well this was a fun night.

Scene 2: Reverend Skyes at the Church

Reverend Skyes

"Amen! I hope you all have enjoyed my sermon" I stated in my loud powerful voice. The sermon was over, yet all I could think about was the poor Robinson's, who have no money for food. The poor family. Right before the congregation left, I had an idea. "Stop!" I announced to them. "Wait! I'm sure you all know the Robinson's, so, let's make this quick. I have an idea." I picked up the offering and started counting all the money. 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, and so on. We didn't have enough. I had to come up with an idea to get the money or else Mrs. Robinson will starve. I've got it! "No one is leaving until we get enough money! This money is for good cause, for a starving family! Shut the doors! Shut them! Now! No one is leaving until we reach the goal of money! Now you know Helen needs the money, we need 10 dollars. It ain't enough." After a little while, and loud shuffling in the chairs, I finally received the 10 dollars. "Thank you," I finally said, letting them out. It shouldn't have been that hard though.

Scene 3: Mayella in the Trial

Mayella Ewell

Today is the trial. My God I don't know what is going to happen. Atticus already has a good idea on what's happening, and if I don't listen to father, I fear he gon' hit me 'gain. Robinson's a good black man. He quite cute, but he denied me. My dad told me, after I explained to him what to do. He said, "Mayella you listen to me right now. Robinson is a nigger, and I ain't lettin him tell anyone that my daughter fell in love with a black man. We are takin this to court, and you are gon' tell the court that Tom Robinson raped you. Do you understand me?" Bob Ewell said in his harsh angry drunk voice. "Why yes sir. But will they b'lieve it?" I questioned back in a weak, humiliating tone. Father took a step toward me and wobbled, before lifting up his fist and punching it right in the eye. I screamed out loud but quickly he yelled, "Now you shut up!" He continued hittin me on my face. Once done, I was layin' on the floor cryin. "Shut up! Shut up!" He continued yellin. "Now you tellin the court Robison did this! You hear me?" I nodded my head, and stood myself up usin' my shaky hands. Right afterwards, I went into the kitchen and thought hard. What am I gonna say? Well I still have't figured that out yet. If I did, I wouldn't be so nervous for this trial 'ere. As I walked into the court room, I saw Tom sittin' there. His eyes were faced down at the chair, he was sittin' round white men. There's Atticus. I quick sat down by a chair, next to my father. who was watchin' em too. "Now you know the plan. Don't you say nothin' but the truth. Robison raped you. He raped you. He hit your eye and hurt you." I nodded slowly and looked at Tom, who's eyes looked up at mine for a second. Almost instantly his gaze went back down to the floor. I almost fell sorry for him.

Scene 4: Tom Robinson's Death

Tom Robinson

"I miss me family. I don' wann be here. I don' gotta be here. It ain't my doin'. I ain't do notin. None believin' me when I saw this cause of Mayella and The Ewells. Atticus tried, but he couldn't of saved me les be honest. I can't do notin in here. I'm in an old jail 70 miles way from home. Helen and the kids need me, and I gotta get outta here. I gotta." I said whisprin to meself. I was outside in the yard, there a lot a prisoners here, and only a few guards. No one really notices me round' here. They reconize a rapist, just like the other bad men round here. But see I'm innocent. Helen needs me, and I can't help er in ere. I walked to the edge of the fence and looked round'. The guards were busy with some one else, and I looked around at the fence and found a way out. I didn' really think twice, I just started runnin. I got pretty far, I could hear the guards yellin behind me. But I kept goin. "Helen I'm comin!" I screamed out loud, runnin, my old arm flyin behind me. Just then I heard a shot. Pain went through my body and I fell to the ground. Then I heard another one. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Each bullet goin through me. Each causin more pain. I saw em white. I knew what happened. I'll be up in heaven waitin Helen. I'm up here waitin. I'm innocent here. "m happy here.


Doing this point of view assignment, gives me a better idea of what the other characters are going through throughout the book. Atticus talks about how you never really understand someone until you're in their shoes. Writing the story in their point of view, is putting myself in their shoes, and I understand how hard it is. Mr. Crooke's purpose on creating this assignment, was to give us the opportunity to be placed in one of the characters shoes, and see what goes on in their life, and how they feel. The most effective character, that I put my shoes in, was Tom Robinson. It's difficult to imagine, being blamed for something so drastic, even though you didn't do anything. No matter how many times you say you're innocent, no one will ever believe you. It's so frustrating, and not only you, but your family and loved ones are affected by it too.


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