Jonathan Carmona BIM 1 period 2

january 4

how was your break and what did you do?

My break was alright i didn't really do to much but i had fun every now and then.For Christmas we had a party and opened gifts.when new years came along we had a party and popped a lot of fireworks.

January 6

what is the most trouble you have ever given your parents? what is the most enjoyment you have given them?

The most trouble i have ever given them is probably is just talking back. The most enjoyment is me doing good in football.

January 11

what dream can you conceive? can you believe it? can you achieve it?

A a dream i can conceive next year is being on varsity . i believe it and i know i can achieve it because i work my but toff every day trying to get better then the guy in front of me.

January 18

how do you decide if you like someone?How do you show interest in someone?

if there cool i usually just tell them lets hangout.

January 20

have you ever "passed on kindness"

yes,one day i went to eat at some restaurant and someone paid for our meal. then a group of caretakers and disabled people came in and my dad saw them and paid for there meal.

January 25

who is your biggest fan?

My mom.

January 30

which of you senses are most important to you?what would you do without it?

My sight is my most important. I don't think i could do anything.

February 1

how do you see your self?How do you think others see you?

i see myself as the most awesome person in the whole world. other people se 15

have your parents ever practiced long

February 22

what do you wish you knew then that you know now?

i dont wish anything i mean everything happens for a reason.


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