Yes, the United States should have dropped the atomic bomb By: Merkya Posey

The first atomic bomb was dropped by a United States aircraft on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945.

"... only a few weeks before Hiroshima, 123,000 Japanese and American killed each other. War is immoral. War is cruel." This was said by Paul Fussell, a World War ll soldier. The number would have been more if the atomic bomb wasn't dropped. The U.S would have lost many more people. The atomic bomb saved them.

This picture says 5,200 imprisoned and tortured by Japanese.

The Japanese didn't care about any lives. They imprisoned and tortured 5,200 lives and call it "March Death." This shows you their methods on how they operate. If they don't care and can torture that many people why show them an mercy? They don't deserve any, they got what was coming to them.

This bomb helped.

"... I wanted to do everything I could to subdue Japan. I wanted to kill the bastards. That was the attitude... in those years... we saved more lives than we took... it would be wrong if we'd have that weapon... and let a million more people die." This said by Colonel Paul Tibbets, Jr. These are his thoughts on the use of the atomic bomb. When the U.S has something that can save millions of lives why not use it. We have to protect our people with anything we have. If we didn't save them who's side would the U.S have really been on? It comes down to saving your own or the people trying to end you, the choice is easy to make. You have to save your own.

We were in a race with Japan. They were also developing a nuclear bomb, we just got ours first. If we hadn't world war ll would have went an entirely different way. We needed the bomb, millions of dollars was put into it. And when we it it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the devastation made them surrender.

This bomb is a life saver. Although it ended the war. It ended many lives with it. Those lives weren't our, but they easily could have been if we didn't take the necessary precautions against Japan.


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