Welcome To A New Season of integrative medicine & healing justice with ihotu

So much has changed. I am back in school as a doctoral chiropractic student, mentoring healers of color in my mutual aid community, MN Healing Justice Network, and living with more intention, retreat and time for healing and intuitive listening. I'm also planning, slowly, for a future brick-and-mortar clinic and online school, using new approaches to integrative medicine that include black and brown indigenous culture, public health, healing and transformative justice.

I call this new approach Afrofuturist Medicine - therapies for healing the individual body, physically and emotionally, as well as healing the Collective Body.

These days, I'm working in both healing arts and healing sciences, and trying to do my part to plant seeds for a less violent, more connected, healthy and compassionate world.

Given the growing interest in my work and demands on my time, I am moving away from individual sessions while in school, and returning to my public health and policy roots - offering group sessions, online courses, public talks and work for culture and policy change.

So many of you have contacted me about sessions and referrals!

I will not have time respond to everyone individually - please help me attend to everyone by sharing your health concerns and preferences on this short & confidential survey. I want to hear if your needs have changed, and what I can offer myself, via referral, or in partnership with the Minnesota Healing Justice Network.

I will tailor my evolving practice based on your feedback, building a team to offer you integrated support across modalities, with easy scheduling, and options for one-on-one support. I will contact with you when we begin seeing clients as a care team.

My first online course, Seven Portal Sky: A Birth Story of Afrofuturist Medicine in Minneapolis, will be offered in partnership with MINA Families, to support the self-care practices of healing and health care workers, caregivers, activists and anyone with heavy spirits right now. All are welcome to the general course, priced at the same cost as a one-on-one session with me. There is also a second, identical BIPOC-only class for black, indigenous, or people of color for $25.

Much more impactful than a one-off session, this is an eight week journey in building your own resilience and preventive health practice. You will explore a wide variety of black and brown indigenous medicines to discover what tools work best for your body - from nutrition and herbal blends, to simple exercises for pain, protection stones, art and poetry, Orisha spirit-archetypes, Chakras energy centers, Yoga and Ayurveda, Afrofuturist philosophy, and an Idoma Nigerian lens on restorative and transformative justice from my own family.

We will experiment with weekly practices and discuss each of the seven portals in depth, as we move through current events, the trial for the murder of George Floyd, the Presidential Election, and into early winter and cold and flu season with COVID-19.

Through art and story, this will also be a gentle way to emotionally process the intensity of 2020 through your body. You will meet others in a reflective and courageous community, and move into action based on your own experiences, independent thought, and from clarity of purpose and values.

If you are looking to build your own care circle, and a solid home care practice for rest, nourishment, and internal strength to carry you through hard times, please consider joining us, in either the open-to-all or BIPOC-only course.

You are also welcome to request your own copy of the accompanying e-book and audio playlist anytime, by subscribing HEREStay tuned for the e-book to also be expanded and printed under Wise Ink Creative Publishing in 2021.

Thank you for being flexible, and for understanding how 2020 is changing healing and justice. We are not waiting for our doctors or leaders to do it all for us. It's a time of intense self-learning, tests, survival, tragedy, creativity, and activating our voices.

Blowing care to you, on the winds of this wild and precious journey.

Anya & Ase.


Photo Credits: Ihotu Ali