Blitz Gel & Blitz 2.0

ENHANCED remover solutions for GameLine Synthetic Turf Paints

Removing GameLine Synthetic Turf Paint

is bittersweet when you've put your A+ effort into painting lines and logos onto your field. Although it erases all evidence of the hours you spent working hard, it's also a sign that you've chosen the right tools to help your field host multiple sports and provide eye-pleasing graphics that pump up your team and fans.

The key ingredient to the GameLine removal process is Pioneer's Blitz remover solutions. Until now, we offered original Blitz formula and Blitz HT.

But, we wanted to make things even better for you.

Fast forward a few years, and we've developed two new and improved products that effectively remove our GameLine paint while providing more advantages to the end-user.

What did we achieve

  • Two new removal solutions that are more environmentally friendly
  • Products that can be shipped via any transportation method, including by air
  • Formulas that meet regulatory standards for shipping with a removable lid (making recycling much easier when the pail is empty)
  • A new, pleasant smell and a soft blue hue
  • Can be applied using standard low pressure application equipment (backpack sprayers, pump sprayers, etc.)
  • Longer working times before evaporation

Created under intense testing in our product development lab.

Countless hours were spent adjusting and perfecting our work. After each formulation, lab analysis, and real world test, we knew that we could still improve. With persistence, our high expectations were met and we had what is now Blitz Gel & Blitz 2.0.

While sharing the same chemical properties as Blitz 2.0, Blitz Gel is thicker and looks different when applied as compared to our other Blitz products
Blitz 2.0 maintains the familiar viscosity of Pioneer's original Blitz & Blitz HT remover solutions and looks no different when it's applied.

Longer Working Times Before Evaporation

  • Blitz 2.0 evaporates slower than Pioneer's original Blitz, giving you more working time
  • Blitz Gel provides the longest working time of any remover solution, including under high temperatures -- lasting 30+ minutes longer than Blitz HT!

Faster Paint Removal Times

  • During testing, both Blitz 2.0 and Blitz Gel removed GameLine paint faster than Pioneer's original Blitz formula.
  • This was apparent when paints dried at room temperature and in extreme heat

Which Product Is Right for You?

Both Blitz 2.0 and Blitz Gel help you easily and quickly remove lines and logos that were painted with any one of Pioneer's GameLine synthetic turf paints.

Blitz 2.0

  • Can be applied through most low pressure spray applicators, including Pioneer's P-REX Remover & Extractor Machine
  • A slower evaporation rate than Pioneer's original Blitz formula means more working time before re-application (if needed at all)
  • Can be used with temperatures of 32F and above
  • Same chemical composition as Blitz 2.0, but with an added thickener that increases viscosity and slows the evaporation rate
  • Longest working time of any Pioneer's remover solution makes Blitz Gel a great option when working in hotter weather
  • Can be used with temperatures of 32F and above
  • Applies well with most low pressure spray applicators, but not recommended for Pioneer's P-REX

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