AAPI Voices: This Is How We Party! presented by Baltimore Asian pasifika arts collective

The Baltimore Asian Pasifika Arts Collective presents:

AAPI Voices: This Is How We Party!

Tonight, we honor the ways in which the Asian American and Pacific Indigenous communities celebrate important occasions with loved ones through entertaining, and perhaps mildly embarrassing, stories from various storytellers’ accounts of their own life experiences.

This event is approximately 2.5 hours with a 15 minute intermission.

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Meet Our Storytellers!

Davine Ker

Davine Ker is a stand up comedian, improvisor, musical improviser, Moth StorySLAM winner, actor, visual artist and musician. Davine paints the picture with thought provoking jokes, concepts and storytelling. She caters to your comedy appetite while sharing her laugh story with decadent wit cream. She has performed throughout the DC area and as a featured stand up in shows in New York, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Montreal, Canada.

Elizabeth Ung

Elizabeth Ung goes by Liz or Lizzy, but never by Beth. As a mixed-race kid born in California and raised in Maryland, she's on an existential journey through the mysteries of life, love, and art. Across Baltimore and Washington D.C., Ung has performed as an actor with companies like Submersive Productions, LLC, Single Carrot Theatre, Fells Point Corner Theatre, Smithsonian's Discovery Theater, Pointless Theatre Co., among many others. She dedicates this performance to her ancestors, who are probably looking down on her with pride and/or concern.

Keith Chow

"Southern Fried Asian" host Keith Chow celebrates life as an Asian American child in a small southern town. From birthday parties at his family's restaurant to what it was like meeting a childhood icon, Keith's story shows a different side of the Asian American story. Keith Chow is the founder of Hard NOC Media, the home of the pop culture website The Nerds of Color, and host of the podcasts Hard NOC Life, Southern Fried Asian, and DC TV Classics. He is also co-editor of the SIUnivese comics anthologies Secret Identities, Shattered, and New Frontiers, as well as the Puerto Rico charity anthology, Ricanstruction. His writing has appeared in outlets such as NBC News, CAAM, SYFY Wire, and The New York Times.

Kim Le

Kim Le is a local multidisciplinary performance artist who has collaborated with several theatres (Cohesion Theatre Company, Submersive Productions, LLC, Baltimore Rock Opera Society) in a variety of roles: as an actor, puppeteer, writer, and front-of-house manager. Recently, Kim portrayed the role of "Justine" in Cohesion Theatre's production of Frankenstein. Her performance background is primarily in improvisational comedy. Kim joined the Baltimore Improv Group in 2015 and currently performs on a regular Harold team, in addition to several independent projects and troupes. She is also a founding member of the all-Asian improv troupe A++ Comedy, which debuted in February of this year (and will be performing tomorrow, Sunday, March 31 at the Baltimore Improv Group). On top of all that, Kim has participated in prior story slams, and was featured on a mainstage show of the Stoop Storytelling Series in 2015.

Kevin Griffin Moreno

Kevin Griffin Moreno tells strange stories, sings weird old songs, and does some acting on occasion. His performance work includes collaborations with Annex Theatre, Bruun Studios, High Zero, Stoop Storytelling Series, and Submersive Productions, LLC. Born and raised overseas, Kevin moved to Baltimore in 1994 and forgot to leave. He is infatuated with myths, shape note music, ghost rivers, art that makes you feel things, the origins of place names, the nature of friendship, and making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. If you like reading poetry aloud outdoors, hit him up about the monthly Poetry Walk he hosts: kmoreno@gmail.com.

Channbunmorl Sou

By day, Channbunmorl Sou is a master of numbers and by evening, weekends and sometimes holidays, he is a Youtuber that uses his culinary skills as a chef to promote Khmer (Cambodian) culture. As a YouTuber, he partners with other communities of color to help them tell their stories through food. He currently has a YouTube series called "Discovering Chann" which is about cooking, self-love and eating. He is going to launch another YouTube series where he hopes it will be picked up by a major network. Chann also caters private dinner parties where he makes traditional Khmer food, performs spoken poetry and teaches non-Khmer people other cultural celebrations.


A world premiere. In collaboration with Cohesion Theatre Company.


Directed by Cara Hinh. Written by Katelynn Kenney. From Thursday, May 23 through Sunday, June 9, 2019 at Cohesion Theatre

Pizza or Spam. Important, not important. American, Immigrant. Tornkid just wants to belong: at school, at home, in their own skin. So what does Tornkid do? Tear themselves in two. Tricky thing is, their other half runs away into a land both achingly familiar and unfamiliar. Take part in Tornkid's elemental journey to literally find themself, inspired by several Southeast Asian and Pacific Indigenous folktales.

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