save the apple trees GLOBAL warming

the trees need a certain number of cold weather in order to blossom and grow into apples. records show that apple trees occur 2.2 days early on average every decade in Germany that also means butch apples they may become sweeter and softer. if you compared 36 years ago apples to today's apples you would taste different. different in taste from customer's means that they don't have enough nutrients. apple trees require certain time of cold weather to cue the apple to grow and produce good yields of foods. the apple trees evolved in areas that freeze and go dormant during the winter to protect them selves from frost damage when there is insufficient cold weather the trees do not properly wake dormancy. the apple tree originated in central Asia and the climate in central Asia is moderate also temperature fluctuation are more severe because no large body's of water are near.

global warming definition a gradual increase in temperature in the earths atmosphere because green house gasses trap the heat in the atmosphere causing the temperature to gradually get hotter.

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