The Eureka Moment Getting it right for the gifted

The welfare of children has always been close to my heart. Creating opportunities and environments in which they can flourish is so important.

Gifted children can be overlooked, as it can be a misconception that they will thrive and go forward no matter what.

As the grandmother of a child with gifts I know this is not true and that like all other children they need attention, encouragement and guidance.

Sometimes they need more than we know.

It is important that there is a partnership with schools to recognise these children so that they do not become bored. They need to become rounded members of the community, fully extended, socially engaged and active contributors to society.

When we “get” them, when we understand them and when we know what we need to do to guide them through their challenges to reach their full potential - that is a eureka moment for parents, grandparents and all those that love the child.

Written by Dame Rosie Horton and posted as part of the 2017 New Zealand Gifted Awareness Blog Tour. The #NZGAW Blog Tour is run by the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education.


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