London The Queen's City

By Braden


London has been around for thousands of years. It was founded by the Romans and the original name was Londinium. London was founded in AD 43.

Alley in middle London


Map of the United Kingdom

London is located at the southeast of the United Kingdom. It is both England's and the United Kingdom's capital. London is also one worlds largest cities, length and width wise not population.

Places to Visit

Buckingham Palace

All though the public isn't allowed to venture into all of it due to the Monarch's royal duties Buckingham Palace includes 775 rooms in total and 52 of them being bedrooms, along with 78 bathrooms. The Palace also includes over 1,500 windows. London also holds the National Gallery which is one of the largest art museums in the world.

London travel

Blue Lights Under Essex Bridge

London is a major cultural, economic, and travel hub. London is home to two of the largest air ports, Heath-row and Greenwich, in the world by passenger visitation count. There is also and underwater railway the connects to mainland Europe.

A Red Phone Booth In Downtown London

London culture

London is major fashion center in the world and a leader in the world's economics. London seconds largest religious group is actually Atheists. The first largest group is Catholics.

London Underground Sign

London Economy

Heathrow Airport

London's economy is roughly as large as Iran and Sweden's. London is dominated by the service industries. London is also the 5th largest metropolitan area in the world.


London is Europe's most visited city. Paris, France follows closely behind. London is home to many famous places to visit.

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