First Semester Samantha O.

My first semester was amazing, here are three things that were great about it.

The first thing was Chorus, it was so much fun! Also it was different. I'm not used to standing in front of a bunch of people performing a concert, but i'm glad I did it. Mr. Cook, was so funny, he mad Chorus more enjoyably! He was an amazing teacher, I feel like I can sing better because of how he taught me! I was a soprano, so sometimes I would have to sing really high, my voice one time cracked singing so high, but it was a new challenge. I really miss Mr. Cook, but I know he's doing good in Currituck Middle School! That was one of the great things of my semester.

The second thing was my Engineering class, it was probably my favorite class out of all the classes I had the first semester. We did projects learned about different machines, and so much more! My favorite part of the class was the projects. We built airplanes, tootsie pop licking machine, roller coasters, and much more. My favorite project was the tootsie pop licking machine, even though it was hard and a challenge, it was so much fun! Though I did most of the work. But I hope Mr. Roller is doing good!

Finally, the last thing was my ELA class, now I know I'm going to have that for the rest of my life, but this time it was a lot more interesting and harder. It was alot more challenging, but I mean who doesn't like a challenge? I also needed to step up my reading, I didn't read a lot in Elementary school, so I needed to start reading more to get my R.R done. I have really enjoyed it though, and Mrs. Johnston has helped to!

That was the few highlights of my semester, I can't wait to make this one even better!


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