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Welcome to third grade! I am elated to be working with such an amazing group of eager and positive kids! The past two weeks has been an absolute delight in getting to know each individual that makes up OLG's class of 2023. Thank you, parents, for introducing and sometimes reintroducing yourself to me. I've got the kids, now I'm trying to place faces and names with the corresponding parents. I'll get there!


We are quite busy during our time at school! See our schedule for our typical day.

  • Monday: Religion, Social Studies, Math, Reading, ELA, P.E. Writing
  • Tuesday: Religion, Social Studies, Math, Reading, Music, Writing, Science
  • Wednesday: Religion, Social Studies, Math, Reading, Writing, Computers and Art
  • Thursday: Religion, Social Studies, Math, Reading, P.E., Writing, Science
  • Friday: Religion, ELA, STEM, Math, ELA, ELA, Handwriting and Spanish


The best way to contact me throughout the year is by email at The old fashion note on paper works too! I'm looking forward in partnering with you for a successful year in third grade.


Thursdays are the day when our class newsletter is sent out (via email) as well as student work is returned. The work should be stapled together for you and your student to review together. On Thursdays ask your student where their graded packet is and have a conversation with your child about their process, thinking, and strategies used. Some questions that can guide your conversation are:

  • “Which section, task, or problem are you most proud of?”
  • “What questions do you still have?”
  • “What would you do next time?”
  • “Do you have any takeaways after seeing this?”

This allows them to guide you through their work and their understandings or any misunderstanding that we can continue to work on. Each Thursday there will be some sort of work where these conversations can take place. We have been working on establishing routines within our day, so today's packet that goes home does not have many items within it.

questions for your third grader

  • You know a place value song? Sing it!
  • What are number talks? What's a friendly number?
  • What are some ways you can represent numbers?
  • Tell me about your class prayer.

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