Glencoe November 2016

Loch Ba Rannoch Moor

Just after 5am we left home and drove the to Rannoch Moor to shoot the sunrise.It was a very cold morning and the drive up had been a good one, just over 2 hours. We set up the cameras and awaited the sunrise, which to be honest was not the most spectacular, but the low mist and clouds provided a cold soft background to compliment the snow covered trees.

There was three photographers on this side of the loch including myself and I noticed another group of around 5 on the other side near the car park. As we started to shoot the sunrise I heard the familiar sound of drones near-by which I can only assume was coming from the group.

It would be great to see this scene from the air so next year I think I'm going to have to invest in one :)

Lochan na h-Achlaise

As the first day drew to a close we headed back up to Lochan na h-Achlaise to try and get the last rays of light.

Another photographer, John Farnan who had just finished his workshop in Skye was also hoping to catch the last remnants of light on the mountains opposite before making his way home. We spent a good 15/20 minutes just chatting about photography and travels whilst watching the clouds move in from the left.

Lagangarbh Cottage

Under the munro of Etiv Mor sits the the much photographed cottage of Lagangarbh. From the roadside we got a few shots of the low cloud and mist that moved quickly down over the snow covered munro. This scene is beautiful photographed at any time of year but I must say I have a preference to the snow.

Etiv Beag

A 200mm shot from near Lagangarbh Cottage of Etiv Beag. The light was changing quickly and this was the first of a few handheld shots.

Bridge at Lagangarbh Cottage

We weren't the first to cross the bridge that morning but I will say it took us a good 10 minutes or so to get across it as we kept swapping places to get photos of it on our cameras and mobile phones. I think our dog Maya was getting fed up with us as we would walk up the steps to the bridge - she'd follow - then we would take a shot - she'd wait - and then we would swap places - she'd walk back down the steps.

I was waiting till the sun created some specular highlights on the snow of the bridge, give some contrast to the mountain behind and some long shadows across the walkway.

It never happened the way I had hoped it would but it still provided me with this shot.

Etiv Beag

Because the light was changing so quickly I decided to move in closer to get a few more shots with the 200mm before it was gone. Indeed shortly after this shot the sunlight once again disappeared behind the clouds only to provide a diffused light.

Etiv Beag

As we sat back in the car having a snack watching the light and clouds play with the scenery before us I noticed a beam of light strike the snow of Etiv Beag once again. I quickly grabbed the camera from the dashboard and exited the car. The contrast the light on the snow provided against the clouds and surrounding rocks was the shot I had been seeking that weekend.

Buachaille Etive Mor

Just after 1pm on the Sunday the mist cleared and we were appointed this spectacular view of Buachaille Etiv Mor. The mist still moving through Glen Etiv allowed for a nice contrasting view of the munro.

Just prior to the mist clearing Sharon Wilson, Scott Robertson, Melvin Nicholson and myself were fortunate enough to shoot the now viral 'fog bow' something to be honest I had never encountered before but something I will never forget :)

Thanks for taking the time to look at some of the photographs we had the fortune to take that weekend. Cold and sometimes near zero photographic visibility the wait was worth it when the mist cleared and the sun broke through. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did taking them.

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