What's your first impression? Drake Creative visual identity design

We remember colors and shapes more easily than words, so how you look matters

Drake Creative uses the same story-driven approach to defining your visual identity as we do your message. Your brand should tell the story of who you are and what you do.

Some stories are about preserving land and ensuring public access so all families can enjoy natural resources

And some are about distinct histories as a commercial dock, a mill site, and an industrial center, each circling back to Upper Landing's location on the Hudson River

While other stories are all about attitude, whether it emanates from the large V for Vanikiotis or one holy grail of a fork

(Vanikiotis Group no longer owns this property)

The power of visual identity is the ability to integrate your story and brand into every way you communicate

A visual identity system can and should apply to:

  • Environments
  • Signage
  • Printed materials
  • Email communication
  • Social media
  • Digital properties
  • Advertising
  • Events
  • Basically any instance where your organization comes in contact with the outside world

For our client Blue Flower Arts, visual identity applies to:

Blue Flower Arts is an agency founded by Alison Granucci. We call Alison's sense of style MetroVictorian. There is something classic and edgy about it all at once, and it perfectly represents her clients, artists – in the traditional sense – who push the boundaries of what art can say.

Visual identity should apply strategically in every communication, whether through posters for event, or a flower you put on your lapel.

In the printed materials we keep with us in our books.

Or we reference when searching for topical speakers.

And in the digital world.

And while we want to emphasize that visual identities are so much more than logos

They also have everything to do with logos

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