E3/E4 Portfolio Austin Lancaster

Spirit Animal Origin Story

A Wolf Pup’s Awakening

Charlie the wolf pup came into the world, birthed by two very different parents. His father named Scout was always a fierce and aggressive wolf, while his mother, Bella, was gentle and a little timid. Scout was always the alpha male of his pack. Eventually, like all male wolfs do, he had to leave the wolf pack that he’d spent so much of his life apart of to find another wolf pack. He made the long sixty mile journey to find a partner for mating season. Eventually after many days of roaming the land on his own, Scout came across another wolf pack. He howled at the sighting of the pack, and the pack’s alpha male was the first to take notice. Noting Scout’s size and aggressive howl, the alpha male of the pack felt challenged. After a short stare down, the alpha male and Scout started fighting for rank. Scout quickly pummeled the alpha male and showed that he is no wolf to be challenged. The other wolves of the pack agreed that Scout was the most ferocious wolf they had ever seen, and allowed him in as their pack leader.

In the new wolf pack was a wolf named Bella. Bella was placed low in the pack ranking by her fellow pack members due to her timid and caring nature. Even though Bella was very different from many of the wolves, Scout took to her. After all, Scout traveled sixty miles and joined the new wolf pack to find a mating partner. After Scout spent more time in the pack and showed off his superiority, Bella also started taking toward Scout. Eventually the two wolves became the parents of one wolf pup. The wolf pup’s name was Charlie.

Charlie spent the next few years of his life learning how to be a wolf, but it came with many complications. Charlie’s mother and father had very different personalities, and Charlie picked up a little bit of each. Because Charlie’s parents had such different personalities, Charlie had a hard time figuring out who he was. He was able to make friends with the other wolf pups in the pack, but would often get in fights with them over pack ranking. Charlie would be lost in his internal fight for much of his youth.

One day Charlie was playing with the other wolf pups in his pack. They were practicing their hunting skills by hunting down squirrels that often ran through a nearby pasture. All the wolf pups would hunker down in the grass, and when they saw the movement of a squirrel, would take off after it. Charlie was not the best wolf to play this game with. His dominant personality he inherited from his father would often take over, and he would always want to be the one to capture the squirrel. This time was not different. After waiting for some time in the pasture, a squirrel appeared. All the wolf pups took off after the squirrel. Charlie was able to get ahead of the pack but another wolf pup named Ben quickly caught up to Charlie and passed him. Ben was about to get to the squirrel ahead of Charlie. Charlie did not like that Ben was ahead of him, and out of anger attacked Ben. The fight did not last long, and Ben submitted. All the other wolf pups couldn’t believe what they had seen. Charlie had just attacked one of his fellow pack members out of anger. Charlie instantly realized that he had made a mistake. It was as if the devil on his one shoulder had taken over. The other wolf pups have had their last straw with Charlie's anger and dominance. Charlie recognized this as well. All the wolf pups took off with Ben and left Charlie on his own.

Charlie took a walk into the woods alone. He would not go back to the pack that night, and knew that they would not like to see him. Charlie was so disappointed with himself and frustrated that he let his emotions take over. This was not the person that he wanted to be anymore. The devil on Charlie’s shoulder was overpowering the angle on the other. Charlie decided that this was the last time that he would let his anger get the best of him, and that he would be a changed person from here on out. Not only did Charlie want to have a change of heart, he was confident in himself that he would change. To give the rest of the wolf pups in his pack a break from him, Charlie stayed alone for the night. This also gave him a more time to think about his anger outbreak. The next day Charlie awoke and went searching for his pack again. When he found the pack, all the wolf pups spotted Charlie and turned away from him. Charlie told the pups how sorry he was for attacking Ben, and told them that it would never happen again. He pleaded for forgiveness and asked to be friends with them again. The wolf pups agreed that Charlie could be friends with them again if he never acted that way again. Charlie was so thankful and told the pups that it would definitely never happen again. Charlie followed through with his promise and never again had an outbreak of anger. He had learned a valuable lesson from his experience, and become a changed wolf.

Showcase Totem

The careers graphic shows what careers I would most likely be interested in. The careers and percentages on the graphic are based off an online test that asks questions based around your personality and interests. I feel that the test evaluated me well, and that I displayed my interests on the graphic effectively.

The business project was a fun and creative way to learn about business. Part of the project included designing a business sign. I chose to design a sign for a bike shop called Unreal Cycles. eventually we cut these signs out on wood and painted them. I am very proud of the way it came out.

The Outlier Series Project was based around "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. In my mind, Elon Musk is a true present day outlier. Elon is an outlier due to the success of his companies, and his thinking out of the box innovation. All the Outlier Series projects are on the graphic above.

Dream Catcher Future Plans

Where One Comes From Matters:

My friends and family have always been very supportive of my goals and ambitions in life. I have been very lucky to have the amount of support I do. Having the support of my friends and family has already allowed me to achieve many of my short term goals. I have an enthusiastic outlook on the future knowing that I will continue to have the amount of support I do.

Right Time Right Place:

The current economy is doing well, and has been doing well for some time. I’m hopeful that the economy will continue to follow this trend. Because the economy is doing well, many businesses are hiring. Fortunately for me, there is a shortage of engineers in the industry, and engineers are in high demand. I believe that the shortage of engineers and my career ambitions have really put me in the right place at the right time.

Capitalizes on Opportunities:

Through my engineering degree I’m hoping to capitalize on the renewable and clean energy industry. This industry has been rapidly growing, and I see a lot of potential for the future in clean energy. Ideally I would like to make an advancement in clean energy that would make me a head figure in the industry. Even if I end up working as an engineer for a clean energy company, I would still be happy with that, and I still see a lot of opportunity for growth.

10,000 Hour Rule:

Through Oregon Institute of Technology I plan to get my masters degree in mechanical engineering. OIT is a leader in engineering and technology. I believe they will give me the knowledge needed to achieve my goals. Because of my interest in engineering, I’m sure that I will also continue to expand my knowledge outside of school and reach 10,000 hours of practice.

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