#hastag By: Lauren ruehle

#A large trend within social media is the hashtag. The "pound" symbol has become a significant part of social media life. Whether it be on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform the hashtag is always being used. There is so much content that can be conveyed in "hashtaging", you can get more online traffic to your post, or more likes. Hash tags can also send hidden messages or add to ones opinion about a topic. For example if someone posted about a sports game and said: "what a game #won #alwayswinners" this allows the viewer to have more context into what is going on.

Hashtags allow for a sense of community in such a large virtual world.

By using hashtags people on social media are able to feel connected by using similar hashtags or from the same area. For example the #mylakehead hashtag is an example of this interconnectedness between Lakehead University students. As well the sense of community is created through shared interests. Like sports, entertainment, and even politics.

Within visual media artist are turning to hashtags to promote their artwork online. Within music, artists are even referencing hashtag culture, as artist Chance the Rapper says in his song "Juice" : hashtag it, get mentions for it, make you love it, get it trending more" he is referencing the culture in media that uses hashtags to create popularity for the art that is being shown. Twenty years ago hashtaging did not exist and only recently has become the newest trend. It links people around the world and provides a sense of community as well provides promotion for artists.

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Lauren Ruehle

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