Sol Invictus By: Mihir, Aadharsh, Varun


1. Section One: Executive Summary

2. Section Two: The Business

3. Section Three: Marketing Plan

4. Section Four: Competition

5. Works Cited: Sources used

Executive Summary

Our Business is the process of making profit from buying parts from a supplier in China, exporting it to our factory in the US, assembling the solar powered self driving car and selling it to consumers in the United States for a higher market price than the combined cost of the car. We plan to sell a Solar powered car that can drive itself essentially.

We are pitching 50 million USD in investment from investors. We will grow the money first by investing it into the Fidelity Capital & Income Fund which pays an average of 5 percent back every month. If we compounded the revenue made from the bond in 2 years we would get 161,000,000 dollars which means that we can pay each investor double their initial investment guaranteed. After the 2 years the total complicated percent of the company that is owned by investors is 25% meaning that investors receive a total of 25% of the net income of the company. We plan to release 100,000 solar powered self driving cars by 2022, and ship our first car by June 2019. Our business is in a 12 billion dollar industry (as said by facebook ad-sense) and since we are the only company in this untouched niche we are worth around 12 billion USD.

What makes us different from our competitors is that we have none (currently). Surprisingly there are no competitors aside from tesla who has said they don’t plan on releasing their self driving technology until 2020 and solar powered cars till 2026. This gives our company a huge time advantage to focus solely on developing our technology. We will reach our goal before tesla makes their prototype which pushes Invictus to lead the solar powered Ai car industry.

Solar Powered Model Alpha

The Business

The growth rate of the company is expected to be high as people would be willing to buy our brand new product. Our typical annual revenue would be around 40.56 Billion dollars. The uniqueness in the industry that we will be entering is that it has an indirect effect on the economy itself. Since it’s a big factor involved in many of the business aspects, applying the idea to other types of vehicles would be cost-effective. Such as designing solar-powered trucks that would conserve fuel and wouldn’t cost much for transportation, resulting in cheaper goods for the customers. The solar self-driving cars that we will be releasing will be a great product for the market, it’s non-energy consuming and the eco-friendly attributes make it a great and attractive product. The car has a unique design which uses high capacity plasmodium batteries which allow the car to be able to travel long distances as it can hold more energy. Our prototypes have proven to be efficient and 100% energy conservant as they don’t consume any electricity or gasoline.

A few benefits that are attained by using this type of cars are- they are cost-effective, longer range (15000 miles), less charge time ( approximately 1 hour when left under the sun), and self-driving feature (safe driving and use of advanced AI). The product is very unique as there are no self-driving cars that are officially released into the market, which makes it very different. Also, its way of consuming energy is distinct, it uses the energy from the sun and doesn’t use any gasoline or electricity and has zero energy consumption rate. The customers will buy our product because it gives them no stress of concentrating on the road or the surroundings as the car can self-drive. The consumer also doesn’t have to worry about the way the car gets powered, they would just have to leave it under the sun for 1 hour and it would be fully charged.

Overall this product would be a great success when released into the market as many people would tend to buy it. The main goal of our company is to design a car that can be really helpful to the people, a car that is very efficient, and a cart that doesn’t pollute the environment. We would make a big difference in the world as our car doesn’t generate any toxic substances into the environment or consume any extra energy, and these traits would help to reduce the global warming effect due to vehicle pollution. The world would also become a safer place as there would be a lesser amount of car accidents on the road due to the self-driving feature. As we release these cars into the market, we predict to have a high number of people buying the car because it has a reasonable price and great features.

Marketing Plan

The 4 P’s of Marketing: Price, Product, Promotion, & Place

The solar cars will be sold for about 35,000 dollars which is a reasonable price because one of our competitors, Tesla, charges 35-50 thousand dollars for its electric cars for its 230 miles range. The range isn’t comparable to our solar cars because the range and speeds are much higher as our prototypes managed to travel for about 16500 miles with an average speed of 150 miles/hr. We have a clear edge over all-electric cars or any other type as the solar car is much more efficient and doesn’t consume electricity as it creates its own electricity from the sun rays. Hence, the car should most likely be a great product when released into the market.

The parts of the car will be shipped from the supplier to the factory where the cars are put together. From there, they will be sent to the car dealership and sold to customers. After releasing our first car, Model Alpha, we will continue improving upon it. Its successor will be called Model Beta, which will introduce new features. In the world we live in, we are facing global warming and harming the environment through the cars we drive. We want to change this fact. With technology, it is possible for us to reduce these effects. The car we plan to sell is targeted towards millennials, around the age of 20. Technology has played a major part in their lives so they will be more excited than others for it. As a self-driving car, it will be much more convenient for people who have to commute long distances. Many people are having to drive for over 5 miles just to get to work every day. Though people might argue that it isn’t environmentally friendly, the car is solar powered. It won’t be depleting the earth of its natural resources, nor polluting the air we all breathe.

The factories of our business will be located in Montana. To start, the dealerships will be in California and New York. All of our property will be owned, but modifications will be necessary. They will cost up to $20,000 in total. Some of the renovations that will be made are the structure of the factory buildings, and the dealership showcasing. The area around the factories will be fairly open, as parts will be delivered from time to time, and the workers will need space. At the dealerships, there will be parking spaces where the cars will be showcased. At places like this, it makes manufacturing easier, attracts customers, and spread awareness for our business.


Some of the popular companies that are in the self-driving car industry are Tesla, Google, and BMW. However, our business differs a lot from any other automobile company because our car design basically runs on solar energy. There is no specific competition for this type of design because no company has officially released a car based on solar energy into the market. Plus this is also a self-driving car which has been well tested by our best AI-Tech directors who have developed a software that manages to drive more efficiently than any other self-driving design. This company offers cars which have a higher range as they are built with special plasmodium batteries which can contain enough energy for the car to run about 15000 miles.

Also, most of the solar cars built until now were only used for racing, but the product we will be releasing will be used by general people. Our company will most likely get through the competition because of its uniqueness. The solar-based design makes it very special and can be used as a marketing strategy. Since no car has been released based on this design, the model we generate will attract the consumers due to its productive qualities. In fact, the other companies would probably run in losses due to our product release as it’s cost-effective and energy conservative. Also, the car gives comfort for the customers as it can self-drive and safely travel around. The car would also reduce the number of accidents on the road as it runs on advanced new generation AI-tech.

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