Cellular Respiration Kilah Thompson

Cellular Respiration Formula:

Major Parts of Glycolysis:

1) 2 ATP - 2 ADP 2) it is split into 2 3) A P is added 4) NAD - NADH 5) 2 ADP - 2 ATP 6) Then you have your 2 Pyruvates

Location of Glycolysis: this takes place in the cytoplasm. Glycolysis can happen with and without oxygen.

Who or What needs Glycolysis: us as humans need this reaction to happen so we can get energy. Any mammal really uses glycolysis as a resource of energy. An outcome of glycolysis is 2 ATP.

Krebs Cycle:

1) NADH+-NADH+ H+ 2) O CO2-CoA 3) Acetyl CoA-CoA 4) -CoA 5) + 2 CO 6) 3NAD-3 NADH+3 H+ 7) AADP+P1 - ATP 8) FAD-FADH2

Takes Place: the Krebs Cycle takes place in the matrix of the Mitochondria. An outcome of the Krebs cycle is 2 ATP.

Electron Transport Chain:

Major Input and output: A major input of the electron transport chain is light. A major output of the electron transport chain is 34 ATP.

Location: This takes place in many places such as the Chlorophyll, thylakoid, and Chloroplasts.

What uses the Electron Transport Chain: Plants Mostly use the electron transport chain. They have Chloroplasts to have the energy absorbed.

Conditions: This only happends in the light.

Overall Importance: Local: This is important because we need this in order to live. Also to have the energy to be able to fulfill tasks and make out community a better place. Global: This is important because as a world we can see how this happens and make our nation a more educational and efficient and while we can study this we can make further advancements and understand the world more.

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