Florida Museum of Natural History by kailee RIngrose

Calusa Native American Exhibit

Nature on Display- The is exhibit had music that I could hear from the exhibit next to it that drew me to the Calusa Native American exhibit. The first picture was in a dark hut that felt like I was at a meeting of the Calusa tribe. The huge pile of shells and rocks that extended from the outside to inside the museum mad me consider how much toxic trash we generate today versus what the Native Americans used to create. The pile of shells while pretty large is nowhere near to the scale of our landfills today. The group of people in this exhibit had a much greater understanding of nature than we do. The boy in middle is very excited about the fish that he caught and children today have similar reactions. The difference is that the little boy in the picture caught that fish for survival and the tribe would use the whole fish. That statue reminded of how much respect for nature we have lost since the time period the statue is representing.

Butterfly Rainforest

Nature and Ethics-The Butterfly Rainforest allowed visitors to appreciate nature up close with waterfalls and exotic plants and beautiful butterflies without posing a threat the wildlife. The sound of the waterfall and the lush vegetation with vividly bright colored flowers seemed to transport me to an actual rainforest. The butterflies and the beautiful scenery caught everyone's attention. The exhibit was allowed everyone to interact with the butterflies up close, but in a safe and controlled way.

Fossil Exhibit

Nature and the Human Spirit- The sheer size of the fossils showed the majesty of nature. Also being able to see the evolution of the shark mouths and the woolly mammoth to the elephant put my life in perspective. Appreciating the age of the fossils and the time it took to adapt allows to realize that there are things bigger than us and in the grand scheme of things our little problems do not matter.


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