"Practice Denny said. Practice, practice, practice." (63)

I choose this quote because every time I tell my mom, dad or nana I wanna do something they always tell me that I need to work hard and practice.

"The clues where all there I just simply Hadn't put them together"(59)

I choose this quote because I feel like this applies to my life like if I'm trying to find something or figure something out

"He doesn't spend enough time with you and Zoe" (68)

This quote connects to you me because I feel like I don't spend time with my famliey.

" sorry, boy," he said, " didn't forget about you" (83)

I choose this quote because I thought that it was nice that Denny shows that much love to his famliey and dog

"Please accept my sincere condolences for your devastating loss" (157)

I choose this because I don't think he cares at all it's a fake apology I guess you can say he doesn't mean it


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