Sydney Miller Photography 1

Rule Of Thirds

The pictures above utilizes the rule of thirds and contains a clear image for the eye to look at. The focal point in this picture is located two thirds across the page and two thirds up the page. The stem of the flower goes across the image leading the eye to the flower. This picture has a vibrant color to look at and is appeasing to the eye. The brightness and contrast was mainly edited to make the flower stand out more. The background is blurred in order to focus on the plant and the detail in the plant is interesting to view.

Leading Lines

Leading Lines

In this photo I used the wall for my leading lines. The leading lines are pointing to the leaves hanging on the wall. I like the leaves in the picture because they extend from the bottom to the top making a good focal point. I used the burn and dodge tool to highlight the leaves. I also tried to strengthen the leaves color by airbrushing them green. I believe this picture leads the eye to growing leaves making for a nice picture.

Macro Photography

In the photo above I used the macro setting to give light to the details of the leafs and flowers. With Macro you can see the veins of the leaf and all the different coloring the two leafs have to offer. I also like how the two leafs contrast each other with their different coloring. The leaf and flower look larger than what they actually are and this creates an interesting photo to view.

Portrait Photography

There was no contrast in the photo at the start and the image was very dark. I edited it with the curve tool to lighten the image and give it contrast. This also helped to take out the shadow that was covering most of her body. By lightening the shadow it made her stand out more, creating a better image. I also burned and dodged certain features of her face to make them more vibrant. I also used the curve tool to change the color in the photo making it more balanced overall.

Still Life

I used the sharks and fish in this image to make the scene look ironic. I think the galaxy background provides a good texture and contrast making the image more appealing. I edited the sharks to make them have more contrast and I changed their color to make them match each other. By doing this it makes the sharks blend in more to the image. The white stars also add different values to the image overall making it very interesting.

I chose this photograph because of it’s good texture and contrast. The flower petal is a light color while the background is a dark color, this creates a good visual contrast. The flower petal is also smooth and the grass is rough making the image more interesting. With the high contrast in the image I believe it makes a good monochrome photo.

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