Sample Project Types of Imaging Modalities in the Radiologic Technology Department

This presentation will focus on how to use Adobe Spark to create your own presentations for class projects. To get started, once you open the app, click on the blue plus sign at the bottom in the center of the page.

Weight bearing lateral knee

I find it is easier to search for and obtain your photographs and videos prior to beginning, but you can easily search for photos within the app. You can also choose a theme first, but I like to do that at the end so you can see the captions over the photos to see if they look good. To select a theme, click on the little magic wand in the upper right hand corner.

See Red Arrow!
This is a photo grid. Simply click on the plus sign and it gives you options to add text, photos, videos, glideshow and photo grids. Notice the nipple rings in this chest X-ray. Always ask if the patient has any metal anywhere in the field of view!
When adding photos you have options like fill screen, like this CT machine seen here.
This option is full width.
This is the window option, and I was able to choose my focal point to zero in on the energize buttons.

Let's try a glideshow of mammography related items here:

Select your photos

You can also insert videos or weblinks

Sometimes it's hard to find relevant photos within the app, again you can search elsewhere or use the camera/video on your device

I added this video on MRI:

It is super easy to replace or reorient a photo if you don't like it, the options are all displayed for you, simply touch the photo.
C-arm in the cath lab, in an oblique position. Which side is the image intensifier on in this photo, top or bottom?
SONOGRAPHY (using the photo grid)
This photo is using the inline placement option. OUCH!
Once you are done, you preview your presentation by clicking the arrow pointing to the right with the box around it in the upper right hand corner. That is all there is to it! And it is easy to upload and share to twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the little square box with the arrow that points up in the upper right hand corner. It also creates a credit page for you automatically!


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